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A Little Bit About US

Cheryl Johnson

Hi, I'm Cheryl. My family and I welcome you to Simple Debt Free Living. Thank you for spending some time with us and getting to know us. Our mission is to help families take back control of their personal finances to become, and live, debt free. We hope to do this by sharing our research and experiences during difficult financial times. Why? Because....

Anyone can live debt free and everyone deserves it! - Cheryl Johnson

I'm the publisher of course. In case you missed it, I'm the mom, Cheryl. Here's a little about the rest of the family....

Note: This page was originally created October 2004. Photos and Information Last Updated on: February 10, 2006

Tony Tony, my husband, my soul mate, my life support. The most understanding, forgiving soul on the earth! And my best friend. Aren't I Blessed! A man who is truly dedicated to his family and children.

Chief Editor: Donna Getter (AKA: Aunt Donna) my sister, who gives guidance and support without judging.

She is truly a blessing to have around! She wears many hats in real life, but I know her passion is in her writing. I know she won't mind if I share one of my favorite poems......

Through the Gate

When we treat well all the people,
And the creatures that we meet
A mark is left on our essence,
That is colored bittersweet.
For the way to get to Heaven,
When weíve reached our final goal
Is to dance right through the garden gate,
By the colors of our soul.

By Donna E. Getter
April 4, 2003

Kevin My son Kevin is lovingly given the title of critic because heís a young teenager. And we all know that teens "know everything" and criticize everything.

So it's justly deserved. But really, he's my first born, my only son, and well you get the picture!

He's a good son. Most of the time. Though he gets some great satisfaction from teasing his sisters. I guess we'll keep him!

Update 2/10/06: Now Sixteen and still the critic! Doing really great in school now. Finally, taking his education seriously. Thought that would never happen. Has his driving learners permit. Scary! Looking to go out into the working world. (that may be even more frightening)

Support Staff: Krista, Kari , and AprilMy three lovely daughters who lovingly cheer me on.

Krista Krista's our oldest daughter. The songbird. She's one of those people who just can't get enough music and sings throughout the day.

A beautiful voice that drives her brother crazy! She sings all the time! She writes some very good poems also, but I think singing is her true gift.

Update 2/10/06: Krista is now fourteen and still sings all the time. Guess she's not gonna' out grow that any time soon.

Kari Kari's a poet and artist. Yes, poet! and she's really into drawing comic or anime type art. She has written some beautiful poems I'll share this one with you....

Kari is an artist and a poet
The Perfect PlaceBy Kari Nash

I know a place where no one dies
Where tears never fall from young ones eyes
Where you never need money
Where it seldom rains
Where miracles happen
No sorrow, no pains
Where waterfalls thunder
Behind every star
A place thatís so special
Itís wherever you are
Where a smile can be seen on every face
No, itís not a dream; itís the perfect

Update 2/6/2006: Kari is cursed with a terrible temper. Has to have the last word, ALWAYS! Currently we are trying to work on controlling it. We're hoping to teach her how to put it to good use, instead of getting into trouble. Maybe she'll grow out of it? Still enjoys creating comics.

April April is our baby. At the ripe old age of ten, regardless of her insistence, "I'm not a baby anymore!", she is of course (and always will be) the "BABY". Sorry April. One day it won't be so bad. I promise!

April has many talents also. But even though she has a passion to create art, I think her best talent is her ability to be a truly loving and caring individual.

I hope she never, ever grows out of that!

Update 2/6/06:Still our "baby" but trying to keep up with her sisters. She's as tall as both of them, but not as self centered yet. Thank goodness.

Shane Then of course my kids would never forgive me if I didn't mention our dog Shane. Our loving companion who I refer to as the "Good Child"

Honestly, I was a little worried about him at first. But he's turned out to be a wonderful loving addition to our family.

I started this website to share my familyís story of becoming debt free. I want to share experiences that teach our children, through our example, the age old principles of financial responsibility and success and consequently develop strong family values.

Parenting is a blessing and a challenge. It should not be forgotten that as parents it is our job to teach.

If we succeed at anything, let it be that our children learn from our mistakes and follow our example to become responsible members of society with strong family and moral values.

With that said let me be clear about this. I am not a professional financial advisor. My advice for debt free living, debt management, and household budgeting is just that, advice.

I hope that sharing my experiences, and what I've learned, will help other families become financially responsible and joyfully DEBT FREE! Debt free living is a blessing.

I want your children and your grandchildren to have the knowledge to grow into financially secure and independently wealthy adults. To live debt free is to be free.... and to know that all that you have is truly YOURS!

I often find myself reflecting.....If I only knew when I was young what I know now! How my life would be so much different today. You will teach your children by example if you choose debt free living.

If they see the rewards and see that IT DOES WORK then they will not deny the value of the lesson.

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