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Car Buying Tips and Resources

These car buying tips and resources are intended to help you make an informed decision that minimizes debt and is consistent with your debt free living goals. Buying a car can be scary. Especially, if you opt to buy used. Be sure to evaluate if you really need to buy a car. Learn some the pros and cons of "new" or "used" car purchases. Along with these car buying tips you'll find resources to help you find what you're looking for, research your purchase options, and take care of your car.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

As one of the "major purchases" in life, car buying is one to be carefully considered. My first car buying tip is therefore... donít buy an automobile if you donít really need one! Well thatís simple enough, but sooner or later youíre bound to need one. One thing we know for sure; No matter how well you take care of the treasured family taxi, eventually youíll need to replace it.

Cars just donít last forever! You may want to pass a still usable car to a young, newly licensed, family member and invest in another for the family. This is always a great way to recycle automobiles and save money at the same time. Plus, itíll make your young driver happy to have their own wheels.

Or, maybe it wonít when they find out all the responsibilities that come with ownership. And I strongly encourage that you teach them and give them that responsibility right from the start. Teens who are responsible for their own automobile expenses, such as maintenance, repair, insurance, and gasoline are almost always more responsible drivers.

They will develop pride in their ownership and responsibility and therefore a more caring attitude. Besides, itĎs a good way to teach yet another financial lesson.

Your next task will be to determine exactly what market you're going for. Here are some car buying tips I hope will help you make an informed decision.

New or Used?

There are a lot of choices to consider when buying a car. Your choices will depend on your situation. Even the climate you live in can play an important role in this decision. If you plan on buying a car for your teen, here's some helpful information on choosing the right car for your teenager.

"You are what you drive?" I donít think so. What about that next door millionaire riding around in the weathered family taxi. He, or she, is not wasting money trying keep up with the Joneses! More than likely the $30,000 he wouldnít spend on that nice fancy show piece is sitting in a profitable investment earning an income or interest. And I bet he's not losing sleep over his huge outstanding debts!

This should give you an idea how he got to be a millionaire. Not be spending his money, but rather managing his money. Buying a new car on a used car budget is nothing more than a desire to make a status statement. Buying a car that is already two or three years old is a very smart decision!

When you consider the car has about 80% of expected life left and you're likely to get it for 50% of what the original cost was, that's a great bargain!

Important information about automobiles and fuel economy should always be considered. Some helpful guidelines and car buying tips can be found at the Federal Information Center, as well as a wealth of other money related issues. Check it out, youíll be surprised at the valuable information youíll find there. You know my philosophy....

Informed Consumer = More Savings!

So.... Of course your first order of business is to RESEARCH!

Visit Edmunds.com to research, find reviews, information, and pricing on new and used cars.

CarsBelowInvoice.com is the premier destination for the online car shopper. They combine extensive industry knowledge, dealership experience, and the power of the Internet to empower the consumer with the information they need to negotiate the best deal! Get the bottom line here to increase your negotiation power.

Buying a used car? Know the Truth...Before You Buy!

Truth is, buying a used vehicle can be risky. How do you know what you're getting?

  • hidden accident damage?
  • false odometer readings?
  • major crash?
  • theft report?
  • flood damage?
  • lemon?

Get the history of a used car before you buy at Carfax.

They offer valuable research and information about used cars.

Bargain.com is the nation's premier bargain search service. Their motors division offers valuable discounted auto information online. You can discover how to save up to 70%! Search for Cars from $500 at Bargain Motors

Find Pre-Owned Cars in Your Local Area at LiveDeal Autos Your Local Market Place.

If you're not donating your current car or using it for another member of the family, you'll probably be looking to sell it or trade it in. Use funds from selling your existing car to help finance your car purchase.

Resources to sell your car

Car Maintainence and Care

A good financial plan that allows for proper upkeep and maintenance of your family car will payoff in the end. Cars that are maintained properly require less repair and last a lot longer.

Auto Supplies/Auto Safety

Auto Safety Magnets Car Magnets
Magnet for auto safety for teens, student drivers, or driver education schools. These safety magnets will increase driving awareness with reflective yellow backing for night time visibility.

Get involved in MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

Teen Driving Foundation

Auto Parts, Supplies, and Maintenance Resources

Auto Parts
At easyautopart, everything auto is our motto.

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  • Buying a Car
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  • Car Maintenance and Repairs
  • Car traveling tips

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