Cheap Clothes make a Smart Wardrobe!

Tame The Closet Monster!

Purchasing good, but cheap clothes will help tame the closet monster that's eating a big chunk of your budget pie. Your clothing expenses can take a big chunk out of the budget if you're not careful. Especially if you have kids or require business work attire.

Spend less on clothes and still be dressed like the best!

Reducing the clothing budget was a serious challenge for me. Two pre-teen girls and a teenage girl certainly didn't make life any easier. My son wasn't much of a challenge. Thank goodness, he's not "fashion conscious".

The girls on the other hand were greatly disappointed in the new methods of clothing acquisition. The new "cheap clothes plan" included , freebies, thrift stores, yard sales, and garage sales; used items that weren't exactly their style.

I found that changing the way I approached them on the subject made things a little easier. For instance we don't buy "used" or "cheap" clothing. We buy "previously owned, unwanted, or gently worn" clothing.


Freebies of course are my favorite category. Turning the low cost of cheap clothes into "no cost" clothes was even more appropriate for my slim clothing budget. My family and friends know that with four children to dress I take all donations! That includes donations for myself and my husband.

My girls never have a problem sharing their clothes. So, when they do grow out of something handing it down to the next youngest is totally acceptable. They've probably already borrowed and worn it anyway.

This makes my $2-$5 purchase at the thrift store or yard sale a tremendous value beyond calculation! The clothes I specifically buy for my oldest daughter usually survive the wear of three children total, her and her two sisters. When you consider that I bought the item pre-owned I would say that is a great economical use of resources.

I also belong to the Freecycle organization. I have found this organization to be recycling at its best. Freecycle is a national organization that provides people with an on-line outlet to offer items they no longer want or need to someone who has a need for the item.

Developed to keep the landfills from filling by offering a recycling outlet, it is not only useful as a tool for frugal living but, is an environmentally friendly service. After all, one of the core benefits of frugal living is the reduction of waste in our society and consequently a better environment for our future.

Items offered on freecycle are free if you are willing to pick them up. Sometimes, people will offer to bring them to you or arrange meeting places but it is generally the rule that you are responsible for pick up.

This is a vast organization with many local branches throughout the nation. The idea is to find the branch nearest to you at and keep all this good stuff from ending up at the landfill.

Please be sure to read and follow the guidelines of membership to keep the program operating smoothly and as intended. It is not a free for all! It is a friendly exchange service with your local neighbors. Items are not offered for the purpose of resale.

There are numerous offerings for adult and children’s clothing on my local freecycle network. I bet you’ll find the same treasures in your area. By the way, if there is not a branch of the organization within reasonable distance to you, feel free to start one. You won’t regret it!

There's no doubt that hand-me-downs, donations and freebies are number one on my cheap clothes list!

Thrift Stores

It took some shopping around for me to locate the best cheap clothes stores in my area. I did eventually find one place where I consistently find excellent values, with a great variety of choices, to satisfy even the pickiest dressers on my "cheap clothes plan."

I find most of our wardrobe of cheap clothes at a thrift store about 15 miles from my home. It's well worth the drive considering the great values I come away with! My cost per item averages about $3. I rarely spend more than $5 and once in a great while I'll splurge on a $6.95 item (usually new with tags still intact and a super value compared to the original price)

The thrift store where I shop is owned and operated by the National Childrens Center, a local organization that provides educational services, early intervention preschool, and child care to infants and young children with and without developmental delays.

You will find that many of your local thrift stores are non-profit and support worthy charities. This is a great way to get cheap clothes and support a worthy cause at the same time.

I get a terrific value on name brand clothes popular with my girls peers, (Old Navy, Zana di, Paris Blues, Angel, Lei, Guess, Levi, Bubblegum, Mudd, Limited Too, Adidas). Well there's not much I haven't been lucky enough to find at this discount clothing resource.

Like I said before, as a bonus, my purchase also supports a worthy cause. And let's not forget that recycling these "unwanted" clothes is environmentally friendly. Everybody wins with these kinds of discount clothing purchases.

These are important benefits that ease the embarrassment children sometimes experience when they shop at thrift stores. My "cheap clothes plan" is a win-win proposition. A worthy charity, the environment, and my budget all reap the benefits of recycling clothing.

Information Is Power

I keep saying that and again it holds true. If your children are informed of all the benefits of these low cost discount clothing options, they have the power to explain why they shop at thrift stores. If the subject ever comes up, it doesn‘t have be for financial reasons.

The wonderful part is, it will probably never come up in a conversation with their peers. My children have never had to explain themselves. Most items purchased, or acquired, on the cheap clothes plan are of good quality and only gently used. You would never know we are enjoying a frugal lifestyle with a wardrobe like this!

My kids readily admit now that they definitely get more for their dollar on my cheap clothes plan! In fact, with their closest friends the girls freely brag about the terrific low cost clothing deals we find. Some of their friends are even envious because of the wide selection of popular brand name jeans the girls are fortunate to own.

They have come to the realization that five pairs of name brand jeans at the thrift store is a whole lot better than one at the department store price. Discount clothing brings plenty, while the higher priced options minimize the wardrobe considerably.

I have found many brand new items with tags still intact. No way for friends to know where these great clothes came from. You would never guess they are cheap clothes. They probably assume we shop at expensive department stores or specialty shops.

We actually have fun shopping at the thrift store now. I have even caught a hint of excitement in the girls from time to time. Maybe my excitement for saving money is rubbing off. Not! I think it’s just the fabulous cheap clothes we find! I know the saving thing will kick in later. That"s what counts, teaching them to make good financial decisions and how to be financially independent in life.

Most people are unaware that you can find great quality clothing like this at a thrift store. Most won't even walk in the door for fear of being ridiculed. But that's O.K. by me. I know the many benefits for myself and others when I walk through that door. That makes me feel really good and proud that I have sensible cents.

Besides, it leaves more wonderful money saving cheap clothes for me! Cheap clothes are so great that it's hard to imagine going back to the old spendthrift ways.

Clearance and Closeouts

Clearance Items

Shopping clearance and closeout sales will get you "new" clothing for about the same price or little more than the thrift stores, yard and garage sales, and consignment shops.

Department store clearance sales are a great resource for cheap clothes, if you shop only the clearance and closeout racks. Shop off season to get the best deals. Remember, your Christmas list also when off-season clothing go on clearance.

Retail stores discount clothing long before the season ends. They begin stocking for the upcoming season more than a month ahead of time. This gives you the chance to cash in on some great cheap clothes for the remainder of the current season or for next season.

Planning ahead and buying for the next season is another great way to save on your clothing budget. Just be careful to consider growth patterns for children when using this strategy.

Online Clearance and Closeouts Sales

Always go to the clearance link first! You win when you shop clearance and closeout sales! You get high quality, new, cheap clothes!

lloy is a popular clothing site that stocks the top names teen girls look for. Teens can be very peer driven when it come to clothing.


Closeout resources like Classic Closeouts are another great cheap clothes source. Closeouts are discounted to make room for new inventory. You will find famous brand name items, that would normally be well outside a tight budget's range, for fantastically low discounted prices.

Taking advantage of free shipping offers or other special limited time coupons for additional savings provide bonus savings on already cheap clothes. Even with paying the shipping cost this method can still be economical considering the high cost of gasoline today.

Clearance and closeout low cost clothing options are certainly to be consider, especially when shopping for discount clothing gifts. Most of us wouldn't think of giving "used" items for gifts. Clearance items and closeouts are great alternative to used clothing resources for this purpose.


If you combine shopping needs or have a friend or two to share costs with, wholesale purchases can make a great cheap clothes resource. Wholesale prices are usually based on case purchases. Depending on the item you purchase, size and needs of your family, and availability of funds, this strategy could amount to great savings for your clothing budget.

Items that you need several of, or everyone needs, like underclothes, socks, gloves, scarfs, and some accessories are good purchases to consider for this strategy. Maybe a friend, or two, have needs similar to your family's needs. They may have children who wear similar sized clothing. Or, consider opening a clothing co-op in your neighborhood.

Some items may even be beneficial for you to purchase for your family alone. Since, cost per item is drastically reduced when buying wholesale discount clothing, it could be worth your while, given the right circumstances. Buy children's clothing wholesale to maximize clothing budget savings. Consider, wholesale teen clothing.