Choosing a Charity

Choosing a charity can be a difficult decision. There are so many scams in the world today it makes giving a scary proposition.

First of all let me state that I believe everyone should give back to society. We should give to those less fortunate and teach our children to give as well.

However, I know that in real life it isn't always possible to give, at least monetarily. If you can't give money to a charitible organization, you have other options.

You can volunteer time or services to those less fortunate. Help an elderly neighbor, donate your excesses to a needy family, or provide services to a local charity a few hours per month.

Giving is a personal choice and should be left to that. I have read many times that if don't give you'll have bad luck. I simply don't believe in such statements.

What I do believe is that in giving we get a good feeling about ourselves and our accomplishments. And many times, in the process of giving, we learn. At the very least we learn to be thankful and humble with our existence.

My philosophy is simple. Give when you can and don't feel guilty when you just can't do it. I know when you're trying to get back on your feet, giving and saving can be a near impossible task.

Here are some suggestions for Donating on a Budget

When you are able to give, do it carefully.

If you don't belong to a church or other religious organization where you can give, you may want to choose a charity organization to give to.

Choosing a charity is a serious matter. There's nothing worse than choosing a charity to later find out they are mis-using the funds.

Visit to get the facts on various charities. Reputable charities will openly provide information and financial statements to be reviewed and evaluated by the organization. is part of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. It "collects and distributes information on hundreds of nonprofit organizations that solicit nationally or have national or international program services. It routinely asks such organizations for information about their programs, governance, fund raising practices, and finances when the charities have been the subject of inquiries."

It can make choosing a charity so much easier. You may even find a charity you would love to donate to that you didn't know existed.

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