Christmas Party Games and Resources

I hope these Christmas party games will help you make your frugal family Christmas memorable. These games will strenghthen family relationships by providing "hidden" quality time.

Gift Wrap Christmas Party Games

Musical Pass the Gift

You will need:
Gift items
wrapping paper

Wrap each gift in several layers of paper. Arrange seating in a circle. Hand the gift to someone. When you turn on the music the gift is passed to the left, when you turn off the music who ever has the gift gets to take off ONE layer of paper. Continue until the last layer of paper is taken off. The guest or family member who ends up with the gift totally unwrapped gets to keep it.

Blind Gift Wrap Contest

This christmas party game can get really interesting and funny!

Place all wrapping neccessities on the table. Each person is blindfolded and must wrap the gift or box. Use a timer to give each person a specific amount of time.

Note: It's not really a good idea to use scissors with a blindfold on so I recommend you cut paper to fit the correct size ahead of time.

Gift Wrap Idea Award

This is a christmas party game that is not only fun and creative, but will provide you with possible useful and unique gift wrapping ideas!

Announce that you are trying to come up with new gift wrapping ideas. Each family member will find a unique and new way to wrap and exhibit it. You can use empty boxes for this. Give them some time to think about it. Set a date for the family to exhibit and present ideas and pick a winner. You may want to do this with just the kids and let parents be judges. Or, bring in some family friends to be unbias judges.

The winner gets an award or prize of course. You can even have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. place winners so everyone gets some kind of prize!

Gift Unwrap or Wrap Relay

You will need:
Empty boxes wrapped in Christmas paper or to save money use newspaper comics
trash bags or trash cans for each station

This christmas party game can easily be adapted to older children or adults. To make it more challenging have them wrap instead of unwrap presents. You will need additional supplies for wrapping. (ie. tape, ribbon)

Divide kids into teams. Place an equal number of wrapped boxes and a trash receptacle at the end of each course. The first child in each team runs to the presents, unwraps one, puts paper in trash and races back to the next person in line.First team finished unwrapping wins.

More Christmas Party Games

Grab a Gift Christmas Party Games

You will need:
2 decks of cards
A number of wrapped gifts (depending on number of people playing) Say, 1/2 or a little more of the amount of guests. (ie - 10 guests, wrap 5-6 presents)

Deal out one deck of cards to guests at the party until all the cards are gone. Ideally, you will end up with an equal number of cards for everyone. If not, you can remove the extra cards that are left over in the first deck from the second deck, or just leave as is.

Place the gifts in the center of the group. Then draw cards from the second deck one by one and call out the suit and number for each card. Whoever has the card that is called picks a gift. When all the gifts are selected from the center, the guests start taking the gifts from each other. When all the cards have been called the guests with the gifts on their laps get to keep them.

It's fun to see which gifts are most wanted during this Christmas party game and the expressions when the final owner gets to open it and see what it is.

Guess What's in the Stocking Christmas Party Games

You will need:
One Christmas Stocking
Various Christmas related items such as, a tree ornament, garland, pine cone, star shaped item, candy cane, holly, tape.
Paper and pencil enough for all guest playing

Place a number of different items in the stocking and secure the opening with a ribbon or string so items cannot be seen. Give each guest paper and pencil. Pass the stocking around. Allow each guest or family member to feel the stocking and try to guess how many items are inside and what they are.

The person that guesses the correct amount or identifies the most objects is the winner.

Note: You can adapt this christmas party game to suit all levels and age groups by changing the number or complexity of items in the bag. Or, instead of having them identify the items, just guess how many there are.

Memory Christmas Party Games

You will need:
A number of Christmas items on a tray or in box depending on difficulty level desired. Lesser number for very young children and more for older children and adults.
A cloth or towel to cover items

Bring the items out and show them to guest or family members for couple of minutes. Secretly remove one or more items. Return with the items and have them guess what items are missing.

To increase difficulty show items, then cover items up and then have them write down as many items as they can remember. Give a specified amount of time for them to write it all down and then the person who remembers the most items correctly wins.

Word Scramble Christmas Party Games

You will need:
Paper and pencil or index cards
Paper lunch bags or sandwich bags

Write several Christmas related words on the paper or cards. (ie. tinsel, garland, snowflake,nativity, Christmas, candy cane, Rudolph, Santa Claus, reindeer)

Cut the letters out of each word and place the letters for each word in a separate bag. Give each guest a bag and they must unscramble the letters in the bag to make the Christmas word.

You can also create two sets of words and divide guests into two teams. Give each team a word. The first to unscramble the word gets a point. When all words are unscrambled, the team with the most points wins.

Hang the Ornament on the Tree

You will need:
Several hand drawn ornaments
scotch tape
A large drawn, colored, and cut out Christmas tree to hang on wall.

The Christmas version of pin the tail on the donkey! The kids are blindfolded one by one and must start at a designated point in front of the tree. Attach a strip of tape to their ornament and let them walk forward, placing thier ornament on the tree. It's fun to see how many ornaments actually end up on the tree.