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More Low Cost Clothing Ideas

Reduce clothing expenses using low cost clothing resources to free up money for other needy areas of your household budget.

Yard and Garage Sales | Online Auctions

If you haven't already, review our Cheap Clothes section for low cost clothing tips. Use the following links to review.

Freebies | Thrift Stores | Clearance and Closeouts
Wholesale Discount Clothing

Clothing needs change so often for children. When you consider they grow so rapidly at certain stages in life, it just makes good sense to reduce cost on clothing.

Spending $30-$50 on one pair of jeans is just wasteful. They will only get a few months of wear before they grow out of them or decide they donít like them anymore!

Yard and Garage Sales

Budgeting is the key to financial freedom
Yard or Garage sales are another great resource for low cost cloting or anything else you might need. It may be a little more time consuming to go this route, but the rewards can be great.

If you plan your yard sale trips correctly you can save a lot of time. As you become an experienced yard sale consumer, you will learn where yard sales are frequent in your area.

Combine this information with advertised yard sales in the local paper and on roadside signs and organize your trip to minimize your travel time.

Yard sales are well known for offering great value on household items as mentioned in our Decorating Tips. You may not set out to look for low cost clothing, but keep it in mind while youíre there!

You will sometimes find bags of clothes for a great "take all" price. Even if everything isnít usable you will usually get enough useful clothing to make the purchase a good value.

Make sure the clothes are in the right size range or are something they will grow into within a reasonable amount of time. If you have the time and purchasing items individually is an option, go through the bag. Purchase only what you know will be useful.

Low Cost Clothing at Consignment Shops

To be honest I found most of the consignment shops in my area to be a bit over priced for "previously owned". That isnít saying that you wonít find values at consignment stores in your area.

By all means check out all your options. There are some good quality consignment shops providing good low cost clothing values out there. There just isnít one within a reasonable distance for me that can compete with my favorite thrift store.

If your not lucky enough to find a one stop favorite store like I did, you may have shop several stores (thrift and consignment) and get the best low cost clothing values at each store.

On the flip side, consignment shops may be a valuable resource for you to turn your unwanted items into money. You let them do all the storing, selling, and paperwork, all you have to do is collect your money!

Low Cost Clothing at On-Line Auctions

I have a friend who sells all of her unwanted "designer" clothing on www.ebay.com I have not purchased clothing on ebay myself as of yet, but have purchased many other items such as books, movies, and gifts at great low cost prices.

www.ebay.com is a great resource for new and pre-owned items, including low cost clothing. Especially, if you are geographically limited as far as shopping goes.

Of course there are other auction sites where you might find low cost clothing deals.

A great resource for ideas (not just for clothing, but just about everything thrifty) is the forum at ThriftyFun.com. You will learn from the experiences of others and will be able to share your experiences on frugal living. In conclusion your best defense against overspending is information. Yes, I'm going to say it again! Sorry.

Informed Consumer = More Savings

In the end the best value for you is what works best for you. Investigate all the options listed and determine where the best value is based on your own needs.

Please, let me know if you have any other suggestions for low cost clothing that you would like to share with our readers. The best advice comes from otherĎs experiences. Sometimes the best resources are right around the corner if we only knew to look!

Share Your Low Cost Clothing Tips

Of course the law of frugal living directs us to take care of what we do have to get the most out of it. And, sometimes youíll come across a great piece of clothing, thatís a value you just canít resist, but needs a little help to make the grade.

Our clothing repair and care tips. will offer some good ideas in that area.

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