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Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can save thousands of Dollars.
Learn more......

  • One option is through a credit counseling organization that negotiates with your creditors for reduced rates and manages your debt payments.

    You do not have to be a homeowner or apply for any loans with this type of debt consolidation. You pay one consistent monthly debt payment to the organization until all creditors are paid in full. Many are non-profit and some charge a monthly fee. However, fees should be minimal so, do your research! If you are not a homeowner this may be the only debt consolidation option available to you.

    Beware of unsecured debt consolidation loans that you may be offered. They usually have a variable interest rate based on the prime rate, just as most credit cards are. This means that sometime during the term of the loan you could be paying more interest than you actually are now, based on the economy and prime rate.

  • Another option, available to home owners, is a home equity loan. I don't advise putting your home at risk for unsecured debt. However, if you make a commitment to stop acquiring debt it can be an acceptable option.

    Yes, this means cut up the credit cards! Every good debt management program begins with the realization that you have to quit creating debt.

    Considering the low mortgage rates available today, this option can save a tremendous amount of money. But, only if you are very disciplined and committed to change old habits! I can't stress this enough.

    Lending institutions are very competitive in this area today. Use your resources to find the best possible rate for your circumstances and needs. If you own a home, you can consolidate debt & save

  • Start living debt free today. We can help! Review our articles, money saving tips, recycling ideas, and recipes that can help save you money everday. Money Saving Tips Directory

    Debt Consolidation Resources

    Debt doesn't have to control your life. Click here to learn more.

    Consolidate your debt and save - get 4 FREE quotes!

    Delray Credit Counseling
    No Loans. No Fees. No Credit Checks.
    Certified Credit Counselors

    Are you worried about your huge debt? Don't go for bankruptcy. Itís not the solution that you are searching for because it may damage your credit report. Visit debt consolidation care to become debt free. Our free debt counseling help will unquestionably support you to have you living good first. There are some more services like budgeting, debt calculators, forum, credit counseling, ranking chart facility, online chatting etc. Visit us to recognize more about our help.

    Reduce Your Credit Card Payments by 50%

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