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Debt Free Living and Frugality
Is it Worth It?

Debt free living is a challenge to say the least. It's a commitment that people make sometimes out of necessity, sometimes because they just want to return to a simpler existence. Either way, it's not a simple task in today's world. We are surrounded by complexity. With frugality comes a stereotype that's hard to shake. Tightwad, skinflint, stingy, are just a few descriptive words that come to mind. Do we deprive ourselves in the quest to be frugal and debt free?I think just the opposite is true.

Being frugal enhances our lives and we grow into better, more responsible, individuals. Frugality is physically and emotionally healthy! Not to mention the consequential economic and environmental benefits. Does it hurt us to be more creative through resourceful thinking? Of course not! There's no deprivation in eating healthier and using your resources better. The only thing that frugality and debt free living will deprive you of is debt.

Frugality is merely about managing your money before spending. It doesn't mean that you can't spend your money on the things you want. It's about acquiring those "things" responsibly. You can do this using a good personal finance budget plan that includes spending management tools. The world is growing so fast. Technology is constantly changing and improving. Consumers are racing to keep up with the demands of technology and it's tools and gadgets. I'm convinced that this has a great deal to do with the fact that so many individuals and families are in financial trouble. I know that a lot of my personal debt came from trying to keep up.

A faster computer, digital camera, dvd surround sound, game systems, and cd players are just a few items I acquired through my credit cards. These electronic wonders didn't come cheap. Who knows where it would have ended if I hadn't come to my senses. Living frugal allows me to keep my head above water, financially, and my feet planted firmly on the ground.

I foresee a lot of families coming to their senses in the near future. Many have already begun to see that debt free living is the answer. Choosing debt free living is choosing a less stressful, more secure, and independent life. Is it worth it to you to be free from the chains of debt?

The very credit card companies that entice you into spending borrowed money are realizing that debt is out of control for many people. This is the whole reasoning behind the new credit card payment increases. To "help" consumers get out of debt. I say it's too little, too late. How about decreasing that interest rate if you really want to "help" me!

Consumers in trouble will find self-help to be the best resource in becoming debt free. Commit to debt free living. Put the credit cards away. Manage the money you have, instead of borrowing, to pay for the things you want and need. Make some lifestyle changes. Frugality inevitably leads to debt free living and it is definitely worth it!

Tell us what you think. Is frugality and debt free living worth the effort?

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