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Choosing Debt Free Living

Is Debt Free Living Right For You?

The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice. - George Eliot (Novelist)

Some people love to spend money. Well, I'd even be bold enough to say that nearly every human being loves to spend money. But, then there are the chronic, habitual, savers. Wish I had that problem. Or, maybe not.

 Debt free living is not penny pinching. I can just envision myself, pushing my wheel barrel full of pennies to the bank, or trying out for the part of Scrooge in the Christmas play. O.K., not a pretty picture. I guess compulsive saving can be just as bad as compulsive spending. A happy medium is sure to be found in debt free living.

Living debt free doesn't mean that you have to save, save, save all the time. It doesn't mean you're a tightwad or a skinflint, or any of those other scrooge like descriptions that come to mind. Actually, debt free living isn't even about being completely debt free, although that would be great.

Debt is usually necessary at some point in life. At least for most average wage earners. It would be nearly impossible to save the cost of a family home and not have to enter into a mortgage agreement. Not that it hasn't been done by a few savvy savers, but on average, most individuals won't be paying cash for their home or even a new car these days.

Debt free living is so much more than just staying out of debt. It's more like responsibly living with debt. But, of course, as little unsecured debt as possible. Financial responsibility is the foundation of debt free living. Is debt free living right for you? Ask yourself these questions...

  • Is financial independence important to you?
  • Do you want to be financially secure?
  • Do you care what your credit score is?
  • Would you rather spend than save?
  • How important is it to have the things you want, now?
  • Do you have the patience it takes to achieve and maintain a debt free life?

Planning, budgeting, and cash flow management are all a part of controlling your money and making appropriate debt free choices. Are you prepared to do all these things? What is important to you? What do you want out of life? Only you can answer these important questions.

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want. - Ben Stein

Is debt free living for you? Decisions and choices can be hard.  Choose It! can help you make the right choices. Decisions, decisions, decisions.... Choices, choices, choices... The right ones can lead to a life of financial security and independence. The wrong ones can lead to financial ruin or a mediocre existence living paycheck to paycheck.

Do you have goals? What are your goals? So many questions with just as many answers. Want some help? I've found a great tool that can help you decide what's important to you and help you make some of life's little, and big, choices and decisions. And, it's my favorite price, Free!

It certainly won't be able to plan your entire future for you. Gee, wouldn't that be a great! That would sure take the guesswork out of living. But, Choose It! could help you with a lot of decision making. Whether it's a question about debt free living or, what kind of career to pursue, Choose It! can help narrow down the possibilities to those that are most beneficial and right for you!

Choose It! can help you get the best answers, based on what's really important to you. Focus on making decisions that help move you to your ultimate destination or goal. Isn't that what really counts?
Give Choose It! a try.

Try the scenario below to see if debt free living is important to you. Or, ask choose it another question that's been on your mind. Have fun with it! Remember, it never hurts to ask!

The Question: Is Debt Free Living for me?

Possible Answers:

  • Live Debt Free
  • Debt Doesn't Matter

What's Important to You?:

  • Having the things I want
  • Impressing my friends and neighbors
  • Having good credit
  • Financial security
  • Being independent

Then follow the prompts and answer the remaining section based on how you feel debt free living will help you accomplish the things that are important to you! Here's to all the right answers and Choose It! to help you make the right choices.

Tell us how you feel about debt free living

Did you try Choose It!? Did it help you make some important choices. I'd love to hear about it!

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