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Debt Free Living Recipe

Debt free living is a feeling that's hard to explain. It's a feeling that's alien to most consumers today. But once you've had a taste of living without debt, and without the stress that often comes with it, you'll be cookin' it up all the time.

This is a recipe you'll surely want to pass down from generation to generation. Your children and grandchildren will love the flavor of debt freedom. Serve it to them from birth to marriage and you'll be giving them a taste of success. Give yourself and your heirs a slice of financial security and independence to savor! What's in the recipe for debt free living?

Debt Free Living Ingredients:

  • 2 cups self evaluation
  • 1 cup self discipline
  • 3 or more cups self control
  • 1 cup self monitoring
  • ingenuity by the handfuls
  • determination as needed


  1. Use 1 cup self evaluation to track spending habits and the other cup to determine what type of budget suits your personality and level of budgeting tolerance. Use a good honest grade of self evaluation. Take a good look at your past budgeting habits (failures and successes). Choose an easy budgeting method that suits you. You don't want your debt free recipe to fall.
  2. Add self discipline to stick to your debt free living goals and your personal budget plan. Depending on what grade of self evaluation you've used, this should mix in with minimal effort.
  3. You'll surely need all 3 cups of self control to stop overspending, wasting money, making impulsive spending decisions, and creating more debt. Don't be stingy here, use as much as you need. The more self control you use the tastier the result!
  4. Throw in a cup of self monitoring to track and maintain your budget plan and, monitor spending and goals. Mix well. You want your mix of budgeting, spending management, and goals (debt elimination, savings, investment, and wealth building) to be a complete and smooth mix.
  5. Ingenuity is the secret ingredient that will help your recipe rise to success. Use your resources to the fullest to trim your budget expenses and save money everyday. Recycle, reuse, reconcider, resell, and use a variety of money saving strategies. Never pay more than you have to for any ingredient in life.
  6. Add determination as needed to keep your recipe for debt free living cooking. Cook until done. Debt balance when viewed says zero!

You've reached your goal to eliminate debt. Enjoy the taste of true freedom and rejoice with a huge slice of stress relief.

Debt doesn't have to control your life. Click here to learn more.

Is debt free living right for you? Choosing Debt Free Living

Frugality and Debt Free Living: Is it Worth It?

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