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Debt Settlement

Debt settlement has helped many families avoid bankruptcy and become debt free. There are many reasons why settlement might be the best choice for your situation. You can get a free consultation from most debt settlement companies to see if this method of eliminating debt is right for you.

Debt settlement is a negotiation between the debtor (you) and the creditor (the credit card company or bank) to reduce the total amount owed and pay in full to settle the account.

Choose this option if debt management or consolidation can not help your situation.If you feel that none of the other options can help you, then consider debt settlement as an option.

It is essential that you get help from a professional if considering debt settlement.

You will not have much success trying to negotiate settlement terms on your own. Most of us are not knowledgable enough about the process, or any governing laws, to be successful at do-it-yourself debt settlement.

FREE Debt Reduction Plan

Debt negotiation is being used by thousands of people like you to honorably pay back an agreed-to, reduced amount to creditors. Debt negotiation provides you with a shorter term and greater debt reduction than consumer credit counseling plans, and offers you a good alternative to bankruptcy.

You can get a no-obligation FREE Custom Debt Reduction Plan from CuraDebt so you can find out how debt negotiation can help you get out of debt faster!

Debt Consolidation, Debt Negotiation, or Debt Settlement Help?
Get a free, no-obligation evaluation from a consumer recommended company, CuraDebt.
CuraDebt is a proud member of the BBB and Chamber of Commerce.

Debt settlement can help you if any or all of the following apply to your situation:

  • You are not able to meet your minimum monthly payment requirements
  • You are already two or more months delinquent on your credit account payments
  • You foresee that your increasing debt is likely to cause you to become delinquent on your credit card accounts if you don't take action now.
  • You are experiencing a family or financial hardship which is likely to cause you to become delinquent on your credit accounts.
  • However, debt settlement is not appropriate for everyone's situation. Consider the consequences of each debt management option before making a final decision. If you have a good credit score, debt settlement may have a negative impact on your credit score. Of course, that may not matter if you're credit report or score is already reflecting negative issues such as delinquent payments.

    Please, investigate all your debt management options before making a final decision. Whatever debt management option you choose we wish you success in your goals toward debt free living!

    Bills overdue? Eliminate debt with debt consolidation, or debt settlement in 12...

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