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Debt Management

Debt management is crucial for any budgeting plan to succeed. And, likewise, a good household budgeting plan is essential for any debt relief program to succeed.

Like "peanut butter and jelly" most of us wouldn't have one without the other. They just go together! One concept can rarely be successful without the other.

A commitment to take control of your money is a commitment to manage debt and expenses responsibly. Balancing the two areas of personal finance can be a budgeting dilemma. But, you can do it!

Anyone can live debt free.
And, Everyone deserves debt free living!

I believe everyone deserves the right to live free from the burden debt. Being financially secure and independent is an option everyone can choose.

Consumer credit card debt is increasing at alarming rates, undermining the financial security of families and creating a dependence on debt to survive. Get credit card debt help! Debt doesn't have to control your life. You can help change the fate of your financial future. Manage debt to improve your overall financial status. But, which debt management option is right for you?

Can You Change Your Financial Situation?

Of Course You Can!

You can choose to take control of your money and live debt free. Make the decision to get debt relief and manage your credit card debt. Whether you choose debt consolidation, settlement, or counseling, do it yourself, or get debt help, debt management will play an important role in achieving those changes! So, let's consider some of your options.

All of the above could result in debt elimination and put you on the path to debt free living. Question is, which one is right for you? You may want to evaluate your habits and personality a bit to help in making that decision.

A little self evaluation may be necessary to determine if you are a do-it-yourselfer who can be successful with a self-help plan or if you should seek professional help.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you very self-disciplined?
    You will not be successful at sticking to a self-help debt manangement plan if you are easily distracted from your debt free living goals.
  • Are you organized?
    Organization of your financial records is a must.
  • Have you tried to maintain your own debt management plan and failed in the past?
    If so, you still may have some luck with a plan that is proven to be successful. Could be, it just wasn't the right plan for you. Review our self-help plan and see if it is different and looks more promising than previous plans you have tried. If it does not, I recommend you seek professional debt relief help.

Debt Management

The Debt Reduction Made Simple debt management plan is a self-help plan to eliminate debt. It is a very simple plan to reduce debt in an accelerated fashion as compared to the traditional minimum monthly payment method.

This plan uses the roll down payment method to save on interest fees and eliminate debt faster. It provides for a consistent monthly payment amount that will easily fit into your budgeting plan. And, best of all, you can do it yourself! No fees. It's that easy.

The Debt Reduction Made Simple method of debt management uses a method that has been calculated, tested, and proven to be a successful plan to reduce and eliminate debt.

It is the same principle that many debt management companies use to pay off your debt in 3 to 5 years for you. You can do this very same thing for yourself and save about $39 per month on fees. And, you'll have some flexibility during a tough month where income may be reduced for some unforseen reason.

The simplicity of such a debt management plan is it's beauty. Whatever your monthly payment is today, it will continue to be until you elimate your credit card debt.

You can use a do-it-yourself plan like this to save money and keep some flexibility in your debt management plan. However, you will have to determine if this is a plan that you can stick to. Remember, self evaluating using the questions above can help you decide if you will be able to find success with a self-help debt relief plan. Only you can determine that.

If you feel that you will not be successful using a self-help plan to eliminate debt, then you should definitely go with a professional debt management program using, consolidation, settlement, or credit counseling.

One advantage of using a professional debt management company is the reduced rates they may be able to negotiate for you. This can get you out of debt a little sooner. Another, may be your commitment to a third party, if you're not a very self-disciplined person.

The debt management company keeps you on the right track. Because you have made a commitment to a third party, you have less flexibility to opt out of the consistent payment when monthly payments reduce.

The disadvantage is that many times, unless you have substantial back up funding, it is impossible to get through the transition period (period when negotiations and proposals are being submitted) without getting behind on payments.

This may not be of concern if you're already behind. But, if you've taken great pains to keep your accounts current and your credit record clean of derogatory marks, it's a hard concept to accept. This can be a very stressful time for you if you fit this description.

Figure out Your Monthly Debt Payment

If your accounts are already delinquent, you are about to "lose the farm", are facing other personal issues, or just don't feel you are disciplined enough for a self-help plan, then the Debt Reduction Made Simple Plan may not be the best program for your family's individual needs.

The worst thing you can do is give up. All is not lost! You can still find guidance and help. There are many debt management organizations, some of them non-profit, who can help guide you through a debt management program based on your individual needs.

Debt relief professionals are trained to provide you with an appropriate debt management program for your unique situation. They can help you choose debt consolidation, settlement, or a management program through credit counseling to determine the best options available to you.

An experienced credit counselor can help you meet your goals to be debt free.

Debt doesn't have to control your life. Click here to learn more.

Invest in Your Debt?

I found the title of this debt elimination program very intriguing to say the least. Could I really invest in my debt? Well, I was so curious I had to check it out! Here's what I learned.

Debt Management Resources

Debt Consolidation
Pay one consistent monthly debt payment...

Choosing a Credit Counselor
Choosing a credit counselor is a serious matter that requires serious standards. When choosing a counselor, consider these important factors...

Debt Elimination in 12-30 months! Why...
There are many reasons why settlement might be the best choice for your situation.

Credit Management and Using your Credit Wisely
Credit management plays a very important role in your financial security and independence.

Steven B. Smith writes, Getting out of debt is one of the key elements to becoming financially fit. "In a society driven by financial excess, reaching this goal is increasingly difficult but can be done with some determination and the right tools to help you get there." - Read The Entire Article Getting Out of Debt

Debt Management
Advice to manage debt and achieve your debt relief goals.

A Note of Caution:

I have reviewed more than a few "helpful" debt management programs and have found some offers that you really need to stay away from.

Itís easy to get pulled into something that could make your situation even worse in the long run. Especially when you are desperately looking for a resolution.

Be careful!

Some guidelines to help you:

  • Never take a consolidation loan with a variable rate.

    Most variable rates are based on the prime rate, which you have no control over. You cannot predict the future state of the economy or future prime rates. Therefore, you leave yourself open to disaster should the prime rate go up substantially.

    Donít let them talk you into it, they donít have a crystal ball either! Your payment will increase if the interest rate increases. Ideally, you need a constant, unchanging, payment to be successful at household budgeting and debt management.

  • Never pay anyone to access their debt management program web site.

    They will promise you a solution that is "to good to be true" and if you're like me you'll always get the salesman that can "sell eggs to a hen house."

    If they canít show you what they have to offer without demanding payment first, then somethingís just not right. Even as a seasoned consumer in this area, I fell into this scam myself. I was kicking myself for days. Luckily I came to my senses the next day, but it cost me a $30 stop payment fee at the bank. You can guess I was not happy with that!

    These companies generally request a fee to access a site that offers credit card consolidation with a low interest rate. While they will make it sound as if you have already been approved, if you are careful to read between the lines and ask a lot of questions, you will see that in reality, they offer you no guarantee that your "membership" will result in successful acquistion of the discussed terms.

    Generally you will be asked to use a check card or check by phone since they do not accept credit cards.

  • If you are considering an offer, please do two things first.

    1. Check with the BBB (better business bureau) in the state they do business from. The BBB will indicate at least three important things about the business.

    • Are they a member?
    • Do they have any complaints against them.
    • What is the nature and status of the complaint?

    2. Call the customer service number you are given to verify information.

    The big light bulb for my scam was that they hired out their customer service and the customer service could not even access my information for 48 hours. I had to wait until customer service had my information to cancel what I had already figured out to be a big scam.

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