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Family Entertainment on a Budget

If you have kids, family entertainment can be a full time job! I'd like to offer some ideas for old fashioned frugal fun to help you through the tough times.

There are three main types of Frugal Entertainment.

  • Free entertainment
  • Low Cost entertainment
  • Expensive entertainment that didn't cost you a lot because, of course, you...
    • 1. planned ahead
    • 2. Used as many coupons and rebates as possible!

Free Family Entertainment

I don't know about your kids, but mine are always looking for entertainment. It makes family entertainment on a budget so difficult. It seems they can never get enough!

Come on, admit it, you were the same way when you were a kid. Kids just wanna have fun! And you can give um what they want, without breaking the bank! Family entertainment doesn't have to be costly. If you have kids, most likely you have a box of crayons somewhere. I hate to admit it but I still love to color! Come on, give it a try no matter how old you are. I have found that it is contagious.

Even if your kids think they are "too old" for coloring, you will be surprised how quickly they join in when they see you enjoying it! Go ahead, it works every time.Visit theCrayola Activity Pagesfor some fun coloring activities to do at home.

And, don't forget to Visit SillyPutty.com, the "silliest" store on the Web!

This is another fun family entertainment activity that we tend to think we're "too old" for. But the older you get the more creative ideas you have and the more silly fun you can have.

So come on, get your creative juices flowing, get some ideas to get you started and check out the "Sales" link when you visit www.CrayolaStore.com!

Remember paper dolls, ladies? These can provide hours of low cost family entertainment. I had almost forgotten they existed until one Christmas I came across a paper doll kit in a craft store. Suddenly, I remembered the hours and hours of fun I had playing with these simple toys. And, they are so much easier to dress than Barbie. Sorry, Barbie.

There are literally thousands of craft ideas that can keep your family entertained for hours or days. Crafts come in all different levels of difficulty. So find one that suits everyone in the family and work on it together. Hmmmm, could this mean more conversation time! Take advantage of these fun times together. Providing family entertainment is a great way to get to know your kids better.

You can always choose a variety of different level crafts to suit everyone and work on different crafts all at once. Either way, you're accomplishing several things with "creative family entertainment."

  • Children learn through creating.
  • You'll be keeping that FUN meter up, keeping them from getting bored.
  • You'll be saving money on outings by finding creative ways to have fun at home.
  • You'll have more "Quality Time" to get to really know your kids!

Need some ideas for family entertainment craft projects? Shop the CreateForLess Weekly Specials and save on hot craft supplies, new products & more.

Check out the Kid's Corner for more creative ideas and save on art supplies at MisterArt.com

Create Some Memories

- Scrapbooking Basics - Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the scrapbook supplies available? Find out what the basic supplies are so you can start creating beautiful scrapbooks... Read On

If you're into quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting........ well if you are, you know the possibilities here. It's not just for "old folks"! You can not only start a family entertainment project, you'll be creating lasting, useful, memories. Cool kid's products at joann.com!

Quilting is said to be good for the soul. It is a great stress reliever and everybody loves quilts. They make great personalized gifts and are special unique projects for your own home. Use them, display them, give them. Quilting is an activity that will can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Whether you are new to quilting or an experienced quilter, A Beginner's Guide to Quilting has tips and tricks to improve your sewing and quilt making skills. This step-by-step guide shows you exactly what to do with clear, easy-to-understand instructions. In addition, the full-color photographs illustrate each step along the way.

Yes! It is easy to make a quilt, and A Beginner's Guide to Quilting takes all of the confusion and frustration out of learning. Your first quilt can look like it has been made by an experienced or professional quilter. Your family will be stunned. You will be the envy of all of your friends when you show them your completed first quilt.

Get your copy today! It comes with 3 special Bonuses.

Designate a Family Movie Night

Pick a theme and set in for a long night of movies. Let kids invite a friend. Serve popcorn and let the show begin. Most of us already have a sufficient library of movies. Add to your collection throughout the year taking advantage of special offers, clearance, and closeout prices.

Join one of the movie rental clubs to save money on rentals. Enjoy hours of family entertainment on movie nights. Netflix!,, and DVD Avenue all offer great online programs that can save money on late fees and get you the most movies for your money.

View the largest collection of Classic Movies on the Web for great family movie night entertainment!

Consider movie downloads. This is fast becoming a popular movie option. Do your research, here are movie download site reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Low Cost Activities

Now let's get out of the house for some "local family entertainment." There are so many local activities in most areas that are family friendly and free. We have several local publications that include listings of all the local events. Chances are you have similar publications in your area. Newspapers are a great source for entertainment information also.

Summer concerts are just about everywhere now and most are free. Check your local parks and recreations for plays, concerts, and free craft activities.

Of course, your local and state parks are usually free and can host great activities like a weekend family bar-b-que, playgrounds, walking/hiking paths, horseback riding, bicycle paths, and sports games.

Cook Up Some Fun!

Cooking, especially baking, can be a good activity to do with your kids. It's a sneaky way to squeeze in some more "quality time" that we find so hard to enjoy in these fast paced times. Read more about how Time-Crunched Families can Turn Baking Time into Family Time

Try some fun recipes like our:

Go Bananas! Try one or more of our Banana Bread Recipes

Cooking is an educational family entertainment activity. But, you don't have to tell them that! So, go cook up some fun with your kids.

Check out "Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!" for more ideas on feeding those fun hungry kids.

You're likely to find some more terrific family entertainment ideas in our Family and Home Articles resource.

You'll find a variety of articles on topics like, family fun and entertainment, family vacations, safety, and building strong family relationships.

Family Entertainment Resources

Resources for the Family - Articles, reviews and products for the family in the areas of entertainment, education, health, finance, lifestyle, parenting, technology and travel.

Total-Occasions.com provides articles and resources for your special occasion.
From Weddings and Christenings to Birthdays and Dinner Parties, Total-Occasions has good advice and resources for you.

Up to 80% off art and craft supplies!

Check out moviecheckpoint for links to the newest movie reviews, dvd preorders, movie trailers, release dates, posters, plus the chance to bid on some of your favorite movies and memorabilia at rock bottom prices!

Chuck Brown: The Slightly-Less Self-Indulgent Blog - Personal site of voice talent, songwriter, web designer and solo pianist Chuck Brown.

Entertainment Tonight
Hot news about entertainment tonight. Find out what entertainment hits tonight. Who's the hottest entertainment? If you're watching tv tonight, you should get the scoop on entertainment. Find out the best entertainment tonight. Sweet entertainment!

EVERY MOVIE DOWNLOAD 99 OR LESS AT MOVIELINK ON JULY 4 -- Go to Movielink for the "Freedom to Download" Sale on July 4. Every movie has been discounted to 99 or less for one day only! Terms and conditions apply.

Family Activities
A website dedicated to helping busy families enhance their family life. Website provides resources and tools to for family activities, crafts, and volunteering.

Movie Reviews & Reviewers - Browse for a movie reviewer who sees things the way you do.

Funny Pictures & Videos - Clean Humor - A great place to find some funny stuff to share with friends and family, or just to brighten your own day!

Discover Inspired Internet: Quality Web Sites - The Torn Bread network of sites features free & legal MP3 music, shopping, webmaster tools, career advice, great stuff for kids and much more!

Family Fun Abilities offers family fun ideas and resources to foster the enjoyment of family life for families with disabilities.

Mp3 Downloads.  One time membership fee.  Legal with no download fees.

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