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Five Ways to Make and Save Money on the Internet

by Joanne
( NJ)

The cost of groceries is rising, as is the price of gasoline along with many other necessities of life. For many Americans the trick to staying afloat as inflation rises will be a matter of creative saving and smart spending.

Here are five tips that people of any income level can implement right from their own home:

Cash in on the high price of precious metals gold, silver, platinum...

Through respected companies like Dollars4Gold.com, those looking to pay the astronomical grocery bill or fill the tank can sell their stash of broken, unwanted (ex-boyfriend's jewelry!) or out-of-style jewelry. Plus, you don't have to waste gas shopping around for the best price.

Forget about clipping coupons - now you can print them...

The abundance of coupon Web sites is a good source of savings and is as simple as click and print.

Share books, DVDs and more on the Web with strangers...…it works!

These two sites Neighborrows.com & RideAmigos.com will soon be combining as one to bring strangers together via the Web to help save money.

RideAmigos.com is a new fad for city-dwellers looking for someone to cut the cost of a taxi ride with. Now, by posting your destination in advance online, you can find out if there's someone willing to share the ride.

Neighborrows.com is an online community built around existing physical communities for the purpose of sharing. Users can borrow, lend and trade just about anything.

Internet Freebies Galore! - photo editing, file transfer and online storage...

The Web is full of a bounty of free software from word-processing and online storage to photo-editing and file transfer.

Photo-editing: Photoshop Express

Word processing, spreadsheet: Google Docs & Spreadsheets (docs.google.com).

File transfer, online storage: YouSendIt (yousendit.com); Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive (skydrive.lie.com); FileSend (filesend.net).

Anti-virus, anti-spyware: (AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Say no to high phone bills and extra charges by using free services...

Are long distance phone bill adding to your financial frustration? Skype is software that allows users to make free calls over the Internet to other people on Skype for any length of time to anywhere in the world.

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Five Ways to Make and Save Money on the Internet

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Aug 13, 2008
Great Money Saving Tips
by: Cheryl

Yes! There are lots of free offers out there that we should all take advantage of. You've offered some good ones here, Joanne.

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