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Frugal Living Resources

The following frugal living and lifestyle resources are provided for consumer information and research purposes. If while researching the following resources, you find questionable or unethical business practices, please notify us through our contact link. Thank You.

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Frugal and Thrifty Living

The Frugal Shopper
Free offers and bargains, plus helpful money-saving tips and frugal living information.

CheapAzz.net- The goal of CheapAzz.net is to network legitimate resources of frugal and smart living into one reliable and easy to use site complete with tips, articles, resources, and forum.

Cheapskate Monthly - Bringing dignity to the art of living below your means.

Super Portal of 100's of fascinating pages of information to help you live yourlife more fully, safely and less expensively.

Swap the things you have for the things you want. From books to music LPs and CDs; trading cards and comic books to home and garden items; and children's clothing to antiques and personal services.

Fru-Gals.net : Frugal Living
Website offers information and support in the fine art of living frugally. With discussion forum, tips, articles, book reviews and success stories. Become a Fru-Gal and start saving your money today!

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Inspiration and Lifestyles

A Simple Life
Inspirational quotes that inspired and motivated us on our journey to a simple life, simple living. Also, inspirational poems, stories, and thoughts that we have written and collected on simple living.

Words of Wisdom 4 U!
Inspirational quotes, inspirational poems, and more.

Vidaville - it's about living! Answers to daily dilemmas, making life easier and more enjoyable. Educates and inspires to have healthy relationships and new ways to live. Life resources for women and men to love, laugh and live.

Christian Music - Free MP3 Downloads - Free MP3 downloads from top-quality indie Christian artists.

The "Wealthy Soul" works by best selling author, Dr. MichaelNorwood
The Wall Street Journal calls these best sellers a "Life Changing Read." Dr. Michael Norwood's "Wealthy Soul" works are boxed in abeautiful,gold-embossed set. Share this inspirational and motivational gift for any special occasion or as an expression of love. While visiting, please sign up for the FREE gifts of motivation and inspirational video clips.

Links For Moms
Giving moms the best of the web and valuable resources for every day life!

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Fun, Interesting, or Unusual Family Friendly Sites

Satisfy My Sweet Tooth - Buy Me a Treat! - Do something nice for someone nice, and get noticed. (family-friendly sites only)

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The Seduction Subliminal Tape Shop
Our self improvement subliminal tapes and CD's will help you change your life no matter what’s been holding you back.

Frugal Living Blogs and Forums

Aunt Janet's Striving for the Simple Life
My search for the simple life - simplifying my life, my finances, my home, my work...

Fun site aimed at providing support, motivation and inspiration in the fine art of frugal living, saving money, thrift, how to live within a budget, and voluntary simplicity, both for women and men.

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