Unique Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas from the Heart ... Not Your Pocketbook!

Coming up with budget friendly and unique gift ideas may seem difficult at first. But, put some thought and planning into your gifts and you will be rewarded with lower cost, creative, and unique gifts. Even more importantly, they will be more practical, useful, and appreciated gifts for the recipient.

Giving gifts from the heart, instead of the pocketbook can relieve alot of stress during holidays and special occasions.

Gifts thought out carefully and directed towards individual needs and interests are unique and more appreciated.

Giving a gift that "Keeps on Giving" is easy if you choose a gift that reflects the recipient's interests and is useful to them.

Creative handmade gifts are easy to personalize, almost always lower cost, and certainly more unique gift ideas than store bought alternatives. And, they can be adapted to suit any holiday theme or special occasion!

Be Sure to check out our Frugal Gift Basket Ideas for more unique gift ideas.

Low Cost Unique Gift Ideas

Some great low cost unique gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, aniversaries, Father's or Mother's day, many under$10....

A Presidential Acknowledgement - A Special Free Unique Gift Idea!

This one's my favorite price, Free! Why not commemorate a special birthday, wedding, or anniversary with a White House Greeting? The White House Greetings Office honors citizens with special Presidential greetings and acknowledgements for many special occasions including the birth of a child, 50th and higher anniversaries, 80th and up birthdays, and even weddings!

Many people are not aware of the White House service making it a truly creative and unique gift idea. If your recipient meets the above qualifications, send for a Presidential acknowledgment. If possible, have the acknowledgement mailed to you, purchase a frame for it and give as a gift. Or, have it directly mailed to the individual or couple.

Get information on how to recieve a free special Presidential acknowledgement

Unique Gift Ideas for the Cook in the Family

A Personalized Apron

Give someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen a Personalized Apron from Cool Aprons! A great gift idea for under $10.

Gift TIP: To save money, get creative! You can personalize just about anything yourself using paints, a paint pen, fabric paints, permanent markers or other appropriate media.

Aprons are easy sewing. Try making your own, even if you're not a seamstress. Recycle some of that scrap fabric or clothing you've been saving. Create a truly one of a kind, unique gift!

Throw in some Cookbooks or Kitchen Gadgets for an extra plus! Or, give a gift subscription to a cooking related magazine.

Magazines Give All Year Long!

Magazines are a great low cost unique gift idea!

Subscriptions are a gift that "keeps on giving" all year long!

Unique Gift Ideas TIP: If you have a subscription to a magazine, take advantage of free gift subscription offers to maximize savings. Many magazine companies send these gift offers as a reward for continuing your own subscription. If you're planning on continuing the subscription anyway, it's a great opportunty to get a free gift out of the deal.

Books for the Bookworms!

Triple your savings! BUY NEW BOOKS at 50-90% off at BookCloseOuts.com.

Or, search for new or gently used Books at Amazon.com. While you're there check out the great toys. Don't forget to go to the outlet area as well. You'll find lots of toys for $10 and under.


While this may not be the most unique gift idea, you can never lose with this one. Everyone loves a good movie!

Check your local movie rental stores for deals on new and previously owned dvds and videos.

For older classics and hard to find movies, try yard sales, consignment shops, and thrift stores.

Hand-Crafted Unique Gift Ideas

This is where all that recycling of fabric scraps, ribbon, clothing, buttons, and just about everything "crafty" pays off! Never buy, if you can recycle. You do your pocketbook, and the environment, a huge favor.

Handmade gifts are "the" most unique gift ideas. Creative gifts are always one of a kind. Even if you make several gifts of the same theme, each will likely be different in some way. Each can even be personalized for the recipient making it an even more unique gift idea.

Ornaments are great for giving year round! They're not strictly for the Christmas tree any more. Personalized hanging ornaments can be displayed year round depending on the theme. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, any special occasion!

During the Christmas, Halloween, and Easter seasons, handmade ornaments like wreaths, and other decorations are timeless gifts. If you have children they will love to help create personalized ornaments to give as gifts. Sure to become treasured seasonal ornaments and decorations displayed year after year.

Here are some dough ornament recipes.

Check out free craft patterns and ideas online.

Your craft store is loaded with unique gift ideas for personalized gifts. Take a paper and pencil to get ideas from craft projects displayed and on sale. Then recycle items from home and watch for bargains on supplies you'll need to create those crafts at yard sales, thrift stores, craft store sales, and online craft discount stores.

For example: Create a personalized tote bag that sports a photo, poem, or other personalized theme to suit the recipients interests. Use fabric paints or paint pens, iron on transfers (can be printed from your own computer), appliqués, beads, etc.

Make a tote bag big enough, and of durable fabric, to use as a book bag.

Why not throw in some books based on their interests?

Create a quilt. There's nothing more appreciated than something that keeps you warm on a cold winter evening. Recycle your fabric scraps to create a beautiful quilt for someone special.

Don't know how to quilt? Unlock the secrets of creating a beautiful quilt using A Beginner's Guide to Quilting. In just 9 easy steps, you can transform ordinary fabric into an heirloom that your family and friends will love and admire. Even if this is your very first quilt!

Blankets - If you knit or crochet, blankets of any size for a variety of uses (couch throws, baby blankets, bed spreads) are always a welcomed gift and useful too!

Create a Time Capsule - This is one of my favorite unique gift ideas. Sure to be a big hit! Imagine opening a time capsule, complete with today's current events and happenings, 10, 20, or 30 years from now. Simple choose a container. Popcorn tins, cookie tins, small sturdy storage box, tool box or a lock box are all good ideas. Use your imagination.

Fill your container with newspaper clippings of newsbreaking current events, photos of current popular gadgets, movie stars, movie box office hits, music, etc. Make a time capsule record book to write down interesting information about today's society and happenings. Always include actual items whenever possible i.e. a music cd or movie. Give specific instructions to not be opened until the year "whatever" time limit you set. Ten or twenty years in the future. Time capsules are a great unique gift idea for birthdays, weddings and babies!

Create a personalized gift basket based on the person's interests or needs. Baskets can be purchased at minimal cost at thrift stores, yard sales, the dollar store, or clearance sales at craft and department stores.

If you're planning several basket gifts throughout the year or at Christmas, check out some wholesale online sources that sell in quantity.

Here are just a few of the many ideas for basket contents:

Personal Care - fill with hair, nail or skin care products

Crafter's Supplies - yarn, ribbon, paints, paint brushes, glues, projects, knitting or crochet supplies, drawing pencils, etc. Just take a walk around the craft store for more ideas.

Food - This one is timeless! Bake a favorite recipe that you know the recipient is crazy about. Add a variety of cookies, fudge and candy. Homemade baking mixes and quick breads. If you bake yourself, it's a nice touch to add the recipe with the goods.

Use decorative stickers or tie on with pretty ribbons. Baking mixes can be put in jars with decorative tops. Always include recipes for uses with mixes!

Be considerate of those with health concerns or who are dieting. Include healthy varieties of the above or add fruits, nuts, and diet specific goodies.

Gift Baskets with the Frugal Gal in Mind

Investment Gifts

Give a gift that truly "Keeps on Giving!" The gift of Saving! Open a savings account for a special child in your life or other loved one. Your gift will literally grow as they grow!

Give one of the most exciting unique gift ideas ever conceived: the gift of equity. A gift of stock is timeless, educational, distinctive and truly unique − one of the smartest gift concepts around. Start Your Child on the Road to Financial Success!

Specialty Gifts

Unique Gift Ideas For Popcorn Fans

Chocolate Popcorn

Give the popcorn lover a popcorn popper. Include some flavored popcorn salts, popcorn butter, and popcorn.

Simple Unique Gift Ideas

Sit down and take the time to think about what each person on your list would like to receive. Of course everyone would love to get tickets for a seven-day Caribbean cruise, but very few of us can afford to spend that kind of money on a present. Here are a few gift ideas to get you thinking of all the possible gifts that can be easily put together without the need to spend much money. Know of anyone entering college? Put together a "care package". Fill it with all the basic necessities a college student might need (or want). Cookies, snacks, toiletries, wool socks, a new college student "manual", etc... Anything you think a young 18-21 year old student could use while away at school. Do one of your relatives work in an office?- Put together an "office pack". The key is in the presentation.Find a suitable container and pack it with office supplies, personalized pens or coffee mugs, magazines, far side calendar, crossword puzzle book, etc.

Brownie/Candy Jars

An attractive gift idea, perfect for friends, co-workers, and neighbors. A nice large sized jar filled with either brownies or candies. Attach ribbons or bows to the lid and decorate with puffy paint or simply glue colored pasta shells around the jar. Again, be creative.

Homemade Decorative Cookies

Great teacher or babysitter gifts. Buy a cookie cut out pattern, add some colorful icing and a few ribbons with a nice card is a special gift.

Framed Collage

Perfect for any occasion, great for friends or loved ones. Gather pictures of the person you're making the collage for. Look for pictures of various places you've both been and fun times you've shared.

Once you have your pictures, cut and organize them to make an attractive display. Glue them in place, decorate the frame and you have a gift that's a lasting memory. How can you put a price on that?

Family/Children Portraits

An 8X10 of the family/kids is a perfect gift for grandparents or distant relatives you might not get to see very often. You can even make a special holiday frames. Look for low prices at JC Penneys or Sears.

While all of the above gift ideas can be adapted to suit any special holiday or occasion here are some ideas directed specially at the "big one," Christmas!