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Great Graduation Gifts

We have many great low cost gift ideas great for graduation gifts or any occasion in our gift ideas section. Here are some additional ideas for creative gift giving for the special graduate in your life.

Great Gifts for Graduates

(ARA) - The arrival of graduation season may have you fretting over how to find just the right gift for that special graduate in your life. Graduation gift-giving doesn't have to be hard. Some creative thinking, and delving into your graduate's future plans and current interests, can help you give a memorable graduation gift.

Here are some universal, practical, fun and inspirational ideas for graduation gifts:

Graduation Gifts For Everyone

  • Some graduation gifts fit well for both high school and college grads. Of course, the majority of graduates will always welcome money. But an envelope with cash can seem impersonal. Gift cards are a great alternative. A survey by Coinstar shows that graduation is third on the list of top 10 occasions to give a gift card. What's more, 75 percent of those surveyed said they would appreciate a gift card for graduation.

    Don't think you have the budget to give a gift card? Think again. Empty your pockets of spare change, round up loose coins lying around the house (in the laundry room, the floor of the closet, etc.) and take the spare change jar to your nearest supermarket Coinstar machine. When you convert your coins into a gift card or e-certificate, Coinstar waives the counting fee. You can easily use your spare change to purchase gift certificates for such grad-friendly retailers as Starbucks, Borders, Linens 'n Things, Pier 1 Imports and Hollywood Video. For that graduate who loves to Internet shop, consider an e-certificate such as Amazon.com or iTunes.

    Coinstar's Web site, www.coinstar.com, also offers a handy selection tool that will help you identify the top five gift card choices for your graduate. Simply enter gender, age and relationship information into the tool and it makes five suggestions for cards that survey respondents similar to your graduate found popular.

  • Give a framed print of Rudyard Kipling's renowned inspirational poem "If." In the poem, "The Jungle Book" author outlines the ideal techniques for coping with the adversities of life. Its calm, no-nonsense advice is sure to inspire both high school and college graduates to excel. Prints are available from many sources, and can even be personalized with the graduate's name and date of graduation.

    Graduation Gifts for High School

  • If you know a senior on his or her way to college, put together a "Survival Kit" that includes a watch, caffeinated beverages, chocolate, breath mints, cushioned shoe insoles and a telephone calling card.

  • Does your grad favor "way-out and wacky?" For high school graduates who will be going away to college (and missing the family pet), try a sea monkey kit. These are actually shrimp that look like little monkeys swimming around in a theme aquarium.

  • On the practical side, high school graduates going off to college have some very basic needs that can add up, from a laundry basket to bed sheets and towels. Consider putting together a basics basket, using a laundry basket as the base, and fill it with personal items like a toothbrush case, a set of plastic dishes, silverware, plastic tumblers, etc.

    Graduation Gifts for College Graduates

  • College graduates entering the business world can always use some help to look the part. A good-quality brief or attaché case can help the job-seeking grad make a professional statement.

  • Your college graduate might want to appear grown up as he or she enters the workforce, but all can still benefit from a touch of fun and nostalgia. College graduates enjoy the "Sea Monkey Executive" version, available at www.discoverthis.com, that includes a tiny tank, cleaning tool and aeration pump. - Courtesy of ARA Content

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