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Learn to Make a Homemade Mothers Day Card

Nothing says "I love you Mom!" like a homemade Mothers Day card. Here are four ideas for creating your own unique card for your Mom.

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Four Homemade Mother's Day Cards to Make

- By Rachel Paxton

There is nothing as special or personal as a homemade Mother'sDay card. Surprise your friends and family with your handmadecreations. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Four blank greeting cards (available at craft stores),scrapbooking paper with floral pattern, coordinating solid pieceof scrapbooking paper, creme or white colored cardstock(whichever matches other papers best), paper cutter, scissors,glue stick, computer, printer, sewing machine.

Card #1:

For this card you will need a floral piece of scrapbooking paper,a coordinating piece of solid colored scrapbooking paper, and apiece of white or creme colored cardstock. Cut a piece of thesolid colored paper to fit the front of the greeting card andglue it in place. Cut an approximately 2-inch strip of thefloral paper and glue on lefthand side of card as a border. Useyour sewing machine to stitch* along the righthand side of thefloral border and around the outside edge of the card. Cut alarge square out of creme colored or white card stock and glue tothe center of the card. Type "Happy Mother's Day" on yourcomputer and print out on white or creme colored cardstock. Cutout the phrase (narrow strip) and glue to the bottom of thesquare in the center of the card. Choose a flower from the floralpaper and trim to fit in the center of the square on the front ofthe card. Glue in place.

* Stitching tips: If you have never used your sewing machine tomake cards, it is easy! Just sew on the paper like you would onfabric. You might want to reserve a needle just for paper so youdon't dull the needle for your fabric projects. There are twoways you can include stitching in your card making projects. Youcan either stitch directly on the card, or you can stitch on aseparate piece of paper and then glue that piece to the card(then the stitching won't show through the card).

Card #2:

This Mother's Day card is quick and easy. Cut a piece of thesolid colored scrapbooking paper to fit three-quarters of thefront of the card. Carefully tear along the righthand edge of thepaper and glue the paper in place. Next cut a piece of floralpaper to fit half of the front of the card. Carefully tear alongthe righthand edge of the paper and glue on top of the solidcolored piece of paper. Type "Happy Mother's Day" on yourcomputer and print it on white or cream colored paper. Mat thecut-out phrase first on a piece of the solid colored paper, thenglue to front of card. Stitch around the outside of the card ifyou wish, but it isn't necessary.

Card #3:

This card will open horizontally. Cut three approximately 3-inchstrips of paper to fit width of card: two floral and one solidcolored. Tear bottom edges of each piece. Beginning at top ofcard overlap the three pieces with floral paper first and glue inplace. Cut a large square from the cream or white colored paperand glue it in the center of the card. Cut a slightly smallersquare of solid colored paper and glue in center of cream coloredpiece. Type "Happy Mother's Day" on your computer. Print on creamor white colored paper, trim, and glue in the center of solidcolored square. Stitch around the edge of the card, if you wish.

Card #4:

This card will open horizontally. Tear a rectangle from thesolid colored paper and glue near top of card. Type "HappyMother's Day" on your computer and print on white or cremecolored paper. Trim and glue to center of solid colored paper.Tear another piece of solid colored paper (larger than first) toglue across the bottom of the card. Cut a rectangle from floral paper and glue to center of bottom piece of solid colored paper. If you wish you can accent edges of floral rectangle withcoordinating eyelets.

Notes: The terms "card stock" and "paper" are usedinterchangably here, but it is up to you which kind of paper youuse, depending on the look you are trying to achieve - A sewingmachine isn't necessary for this project, it is just a nice addedtouch - You don't have to use your computer for this project, youcan handwrite the words if you wish.

Photos of finished cards ==>http://www.crafty-moms.com

Happy Mother's Day!

Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom of four. Forscrapbooking, card making, gift-giving ideas, and more familymemory-making activities, visit http://www.crafty-moms.com
- Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rachel_Paxton

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