Tips and Advice to Save Money While Filling Up Your Tank  

Gas prices will rise and fall in the short-term, but overall are always going to go up as oil resources are depleted world-wide.  There is no quick fix to buying gasoline that we can see on the horizon, so we will continue to be hit at the pump.  We can however change the way we drive, maintain our vehicles, and shop for gasoline.  With these innovative and easy solutions, we can reduce our fuel costs more than 40% annually. 

Video: Eco-driving reduces gas consumption

Buy Cheap 

Above and beyond any fuel-saving measures we will explore here, buying the most affordable gasoline available is your best start.  Try to get you to the best priced fuel in your area.  Gasbuddy is constantly updated and lists all the gas stations nationwide, and their current prices on regular, premium and diesel.  You may find that trying a station nearby but in the other direction could save you 5 cents or more per gallon.  These savings add up quickly overtime.  The Federal government also keeps a list of average prices for different states and areas. 

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Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency 

The following tips if implemented to your current vehicle will greatly increase your fuel efficiency, lowering your fuel consumption as much as 20%: