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Low Budget Wedding Favors Tips

Money Saving Tips for Fabulous Low Budget Wedding Favors!

The lowest cost favors aren't always the ones you create yourself. While handcrafting is probably the most rewarding and usually produces the lowest cost favors, it is worth your time to research a little.

Always check out wholesalers who sell to the public like, DollarDays International. They have 30,000 wholesale products to choose from. You may find some great deals and get some more ideas for low budget wedding favors while searching the product line.

Check sites specializing in wedding favors to get ideas. See something you like? Research supplies to see if you can make it for a lower cost.

Check out the Wedding Supplies and Favors by ShindigZ.com to get pricing and ideas. If you choose to buy wedding party supplies, favors, or decorating kits through Shindigz.com, get free shipping on orders over $75! Use Promotion Code SHIP75CJ.

When handcrafting your wedding favor be sure to consider costs of all supplies needed and your available time to create the masterpieces. If your wedding reflects a certain theme, you should try to create a wedding favor related to that theme if possible. This is optional since the best favors, I think, are the ones guests will take home and display or use. Useful or unusual favors are appreciated so much more.

Low Budget Wedding Favors Ideas

View Reader Tips

Traditional Theme Favors

Create More, Spend Less at www.CreateForLess.com

  • A framed photo of the bride and groom.

    I'm a photo buff, so this is one of my favorite low budget wedding favors and, it's unusual also.

    You'll need:
    1. Small frames - wallet photo size purchased at a craft store or online bulk outlet.
    2. Wallet size photo of bride and groom. Take a nice photo of couple. You can scan or upload to your computer if you have the ability to do so and print your own on photo quality paper. If not, inquire at photo or print shops for costs.
    3. Ribbon and name tags (you can make these yourself also)

    Put photos in frames. Attach name tags with ribbon. Use for place settings. Serves as a seating marker for place settings (if you choose assigned seating) and a lovely gift that any guest will appreciate.

    Option: Use slightly larger photos and frames as budget allows. A 3x5 makes an even nicer favor.

  • Scented Candles personalized with bride and groom names. This one is fairly simple. Buy small scented candles in bulk. Choose a color related to your wedding color theme if possible. Use gold paint marker to personalize each one with bride and groom names.

    If candle holders, or votive cups, can be found at bargain pricing that's great! Include a candle holder and you can choose to personalize the holder instead of candle. Decorate with ribbon and/or lacey fabrics.

    Low Budget Wedding TIP: I recently found 2 pack scented ball shaped candles with glass holders for .91 cents each atDollarDays International

    That's two candles with glass holders for .91 cents. Enter sku #190335 to see if they are still available. If not do a search for other candle deals!

    I recently found "Long Stemmed Red Rose Candles" for only .50 cents each at Sav-0n-Closeouts.com Check to see if they are still available. Check item number 32/60 or for white roses item number 26/2170. Do a search for Rose Candles if these are not available any longer. They may have new merchandise in with different numbers. A very low budget wedding favor at only 50 cents each! Come 24 per case.

  • Tote Bags can be a super low budget wedding favor if you can find a bargain buy on them or if you're planning a small reception. They don't have to be the really big tote bags. Use fabric paint to personalize with bride and groom names and wedding date.

    Option: If you have a favorite poem or quote, include it on the bag. Or, personalize with guest's name as well.

  • Novelty Candies like the heart sucker available at Sav-On-Closeouts.com for only .45 each make wonderful low budget wedding favors. They're pretty and edible! Item #32/231

    Tropical or Beach Theme Favors

  • Decorated Visors For tropical or beach themes a headband sun visor makes a good theme related favor. Craft stores usually have these in stock, but check out the online bulk outlets for better prices. Use paint or paint markers, fabric, and ribbon to decorate with tropical colors.
  • Beach safe container necklaces filled with candies or other novelties appropriate for the theme. Check item #fr-beasa at Sav-On-Closeouts.com to buy these for .25 to .35 cents each depending on the quantity you need.
  • Get some great ideas for a beach wedding at Beach-Wedding-Themes.com . You'll find some great ideas for beach wedding themes full of fun, fantasy and romance. Plus, places to shop and things to make. Everything you need to make your beach wedding perfect!

    Send us your low budget wedding favors ideas and tips.

    Reader's Wedding Favors Tips

  • Sabrina from Arlington, Texas offers this great wedding favor tip:
    Buy spoons in cordinating wedding colors. Fill them with two chocolate kisses. Wrap in tulle and write on the tag "A spoon fullof kisses from the bride and groom"

    Thanks Sabrina!

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