Low Budget Wedding Tips

Even low budget weddings can take a huge bite out of savings and often end in huge debt obligations.

Planning a wedding yourself not only saves money but, gives that personal touch that provides lasting family memories. Personal touches like creating your own wedding favors and planning your own reception can be particularly satisfying.

You will take great pride in your accomplishments when planning a low budget wedding. Not only in your creations but in the huge savings you will boast about.

A helpful guide like, The Master Wedding Planning Guide can assist in keeping all your wedding planning tasks organized and save your sanity! This particular planner isn't just a planner. It includes tips to help you plan the perfect Wedding Day like a professional... Without it costing an arm and a leg! Available in a instantly downloadable version to save you even more money. (Costs about 1/2 the price of the hardcopy.)

Make Your Day Extra Special

Why not commemorate your wedding day with a White House Greeting? The White House Greetings Office honors citizens with special Presidential greetings and acknowledgements for many special occasions including, weddings!

Most people are not aware of the White House service. Make your wedding day grand by displaying your elegantly framed Presidential acknowledgement at the reception for all to see.

Just one of those nice touches that makes your special day even more special!

Get information on how to recieve your free special Presidential wedding acknowledgement Please follow the guidelines for information about greetings under the heading, "Invitations and Greetings."

Low Budget Wedding Gift Tip: The Presidential wedding acknowledgement can also be a great wedding gift for the bride and groom.

Make a list to be sure you account for all wedding costs.

A low budget wedding will have much the same wedding costs as the higher counterparts, but you can save money on wedding costs and stay within your budget.

The only way to avoid the costs is simply not to have a formal wedding. If you're footing the bill yourself and just can't see yourself starting your married life with a financial burden, you could always opt for a courthouse ceremony and intimate dinner.

A formal ceremony can then be planned well in advance. A re-taking of wedding vows is common practice today, and it's a very romantic anniversary date! Consider this if your funds are extremely limited and you will be financing most of the wedding budget.

However, if it breaks your heart to forego the formal ceremony, and you have limited funds, save as much money as possible using these low budget wedding tips.

Low Budget Wedding Reception

The reception alone will bust your wedding budget if you're not careful. Why there's the location rental, dinner, beverages, music, wedding cake, guest favors, and photography.

Of course, the most obvious way to save money on the reception is to keep it small.Where you host this grand occasion could make or break you.

Your low budget wedding remedy? Find a reception location that's free or low cost.

A free location may include, your home, or a friend or family member's home. A low cost option might include the Church reception hall, the local fire department's reception room, club hall rentals, (Moose Club, Knights of Columbus, etc.). Most will have a kitchen area for preparing and serving food.

Sometimes you will even find a local restaurant that specializes in low budget wedding receptions. These will likely offer a package for the reception which may include dinner and limited beverage (usually alcoholic beverages are extra)with the rental of restaurant space or banquet rooms. Check hotels in your area for banquet rooms as well. Some may rent the banquet room alone and/or offer reception packages as an option.

Leave no stone unturned in your search! You may happen upon a gem of a deal that will save you alot of money. Ask around. Get recommendations from friends and family. Do a local search on the internet. We have several plantations in our area who offer wedding reception packages. These are elegant locations and are usually competatively priced; Including options for the low budget wedding.

Make a list or chart to record all your findings. Record not only price but services available, and packages available. Then you can compare where you will get the most for your money.

For instance, you may be able to rent a space for a really cheap rate and hire outside catering for the dinner. But, if you find a location that costs more but will offer you a package that includes the catering, it may be the better deal in the long run.

The one big exception to this scenario is if you opt for a potluck reception. Many guests may be pleased, if not relieved, to be given the choice to bring a reception dish in place of a wedding gift. If you choose this option, you will save greatly on catering expenses. This would be your best low budget wedding option and will save the most money.

Read more about the Potluck Reception here.

Wedding Dress and Wedding Party Attire

The wedding dress will likely be a large portion of your wedding budget. If you're not lucky enough to have one donated or passed down to you, you will find low budget wedding dresses located at many of our Discount Clothing Resources

These include resources such as thrift stores, on-line auctions, consignment shops, retail clearance and closeout racks, on-line clearance and closeout suppliers. Be sure to check closeouts and clearance prices at all your local bridal shops.

Wedding Rings

When considering your purchase of fine jewelry for any occasion, especially engagements, be sure to do your research. Sometimes on-line resources can offer better prices simply because they have less expenses in operating their business.

Online resources don't have the huge overhead expense of retail space rental and usually offer deep discount pricing.

Always opt for the plain wedding band for optimal savings. Most merchants will automatically show higher priced items first. Look for "clearance" or "budget" links. If none are available look for "wedding bands" rather than "wedding rings."

Would you consider a unique engagment ring?

Save on Wedding Flowers

Save Money and Make Your Own Bouquet!

"Can I really do it myself" you ask? Absolutely. Thousands of brides just like you have said "no thanks" to outrageous florist fees and walked down the aisle with a magnificent bouquet that only looks expensive.

Low Budget Wedding Photography

With today's digital cameras and video recorders, do-it-yourself photography is always a great low budget wedding option.

Ask friends to volunteer as photograpers for casual photos at the wedding and reception.

If you want professional photos, limit the photographer's services to a minimal package to include a few individual bride and groom, wedding party, and family shots. Let friends and family do the rest.

Single-use cameras for your guests. The best way to get a good variety of reception photos of all guests is to include several one-time-use cameras at each table.

Tip: If you have friends that will be getting married you may want to discuss the possibility of sharing costs to get the best pricing.

Guests will gladly take candid, and sometimes unexpected photos, that are priceless memories. Most guests will have fun snapping candid photos for you.

Just make sure you leave a note with each camera that explains where to leave the camera upon departure. It's best to have guests drop them in a basket or other designated area when all shots have been taken. This way you know they won't get lost or accidentally tossed out with the table trash.

Reader's Money Saving Wedding Tips

Wedding Favors - Lisa - Los Angeles, CA

I found small noodle boxes at a party planning store that cost 50 cents each, paid $30 for 6 pounds of white sugared almonds and filled the boxes with them. If you attatch a name tag to the box when you decorate it doubles as a place card all for under $1 per head!

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