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Personal Care Money Saving Tips

The money saving tips here will help you reduce costs on personal care expenses. Advertisers are always coming up with ways to convince us that we need more or better items to look our best.

In my opinion, all one needs is soap and water, and the essential toiletries, to make do. However, I know that some of you are used to more glamour that that. And, some of you work in fields where it's may be beneficial to glamour it up a bit.

No matter what your personal care goals are, these money saving tips will help you reduce expenses in this area. I rarely pay more than 50 cents for deodorant, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

Money Saving Tips for buying and reducing costs on personal care items:

  • Cosmetics - If you use cosmetics you must check this money saving tip out! Eyeslipsface.com- E.L.F.is a low cost, high quality, cosmetic supplier. Most items are only $1 and shipping will cost approximately $4 for a total of six items. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of these cosmetics.

    At department stores and drug stores, use buy one get one free, rebates, coupons, and free samples to reduce costs. Combine these savings strategies as much as possible to maximize savings.

    Of course the greatest savings come in not using cosmetics at all. I don't use them. However, I have two teenage daughters who do. I don't encourage it, and don't purchase it for them. When they have money from gifts or babysitting jobs, they use their own money to purchase cosmetics.

    I stress minimal usage for the best skin care advice and the best natural look. When asked about gift ideas, I mention cosmetics to help them replenish supplies throughout the year.

  • Personal Hygiene Money Saving Tips - Save money on on deodorant, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes using rebates, coupons, and sales. Many drugstores offer rebate programs that are simplified by on line entry today. No more filling out forms and mailing them. Many will promote these rebates in their weekly sales flyers during sales of those items. You may have a grocery store near you that offers rebates also.
  • Combine Savings Strategies - Maximize savings by combining rebates, sales, and coupons to purchase an item. Purchasing items with rebates, while they are on sale, will equal even greater savings. Using a coupon when you make a rebate purchase will increase savings even more. Many times the item is free, after rebate, and you are actually making money on the transaction if you use a coupon during the purchase.
  • Shaving Needs - These personal care items are more expensive and usually are harder to get the price down that low. But I always try to combine my money saving tips and strategies to maximize savings. Many times I take advantage of free offers for razors instead of purchasing new blades, since they usually come with a couple of new blades.

    Use vinegar as an aftershave splash for smoother, rash free, skin

  • Money Saving Tips for Hair Care - I'm convinced that the biggest mistake people make is in over care of the hair. Excessive shampooing and conditioning can leave hair full of residue and strips the hair of it's natural oils.

    Reducing the frequency of shampooing will allow your hair's natural oils to do the job of conditioning. Brush hair throughout the day to distribute the oils to the ends of your hair.

    Use a vinegar rinse to remove soap residues and give a nice shine to hair. Use conditioners occasionally and only when actually needed.

    Learn more about hair styling and hair care at Hair Style Magazine.

    Find recipes for natural hair conditioners, lotions and treatments HERE at Hair Styles for Dummies - Learn how to have beautiful hair every day to the rest of your life.

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More Personal Care Money Savings Tips

Do you like to save money? Is taking control of your life important to you? Life is turbulent! It can be extremely frustrating! We are not making any more money but our bills consistently increase. We have no extra money left over to enjoy it.

There are ways to ‘cut back’ if you are willing to explore the possibilities and be an ‘outside the box’ thinker. Come join me and discover unique money saving tips that will help you conserve and improve your beauty and your health.

Look great - Lose Weight - Save Money... Find out more today!

Reader's Money Saving Tips

Please use our contact form to send us your personal care money saving tips. We would love to share them on the site or in our Free Money Saving Tips Newsletter.

- The following reader's personal care money saving tips are courtesy of The Dollar Stretcher.com readers.

Personal Cooler
A wet towel placed on the back of your neck is very cooling. The theory I heard was that the towel cools the blood traveling to your head, which in turn cools you. Don't know if the theory is correct, but it sure does work for me.

Natural Hair Conditioner
I have thick, curly/wavy hair. I relied on expensive "silicon" leave-in conditioners to take away the frizzies because I air- dry my hair. When I went thrifty, I discovered that a few drops of generic olive oil works wonders for my hair. No more expensive leave-in conditioners for me.
Janet W.

We just went through a terrible time of head lice at our house. The over-the-counter drugs weren't working. Someone told us to smear Vaseline on our child's head, cover with a shower cap, and let the child sleep in it. It worked and it even killed the eggs! To wash the Vaseline out, pour baby oil on their head and comb out as much Vaseline as you can. Then wash three to four times.
- money saving tip from J. in Florida

Swimmer's Hair
As swimmers and blondes, my family and I are constantly battling the effects of chlorine in our hair with green tint and dry hair being the worst. There is a swimmer's shampoo available, but it is expensive.

Here's what we've discovered. If your hair is already green, wash it with a pastey mixture of regular shampoo and baking soda. It may take two applications, but the green really does come out. To prevent the green and battle the dry, try wetting your hair before swimming (dry hair soaks in more chlorine) and then put some of your regular conditioner in your hair. Don't rinse it out. Just swim with it (it helps block the chlorine). Then, after swimming, rinse and wash like regular. I'm enjoying the best summer at the pool yet, with soft blonde hair.
- money saving tip from Julie

Quick Dry
I have thick, shoulder-length hair that takes a long time to dry, so I have been looking for a super-absorbent hair towel. I found a small one at the store that was $10, but later while browsing in the automotive section, I found an even larger one (used for drying off cars) for only $7. My hair can't tell the difference!

Before I use a can with holes in the top for sprinkling (scouring powder or body powder for example), I just tear off half of the paper covering the holes. That way, I do not sprinkle more than I want and the product lasts much longer.
Evah W. in Kansas City, MO

Easy Measure for Kids
I found a good way to keep from wasting shampoo in the shower or bath. First, you have to have a pump bottle. I found one at Wal-Mart that was 28 ounce with the Wal-Mart brand (Equate) body wash. After my family used this up, I rinsed it out and poured in a 27-ounce bottle of shampoo. With each pump, I get about a quarter-sized dab of shampoo.

The kids know not use more than one pump and they are learning the lesson of a little goes a long way.
Sally in Elizabeth, CO

Looking to save time or money? Visit The Dollar Stretcher.com. You'll find hundreds of helpful articles to stretch your day and your dollar.

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Which Is Cheaper?
I love shopping at the dollar store to get good deals, but I've learned to keep my eye out for some items that are actually cheaper at the "regular" store. For instance, shaving cream is less than $1 at my "regular" store. Also, paper plates in a quantity of 25 for $1 is not a deal, when the "regular" store has 50 or 100 on sale for $1.50.
- money saving tip from Hally B.

I like the space saving square Kleenex boxes but not the price. They put half as many tissues in the small boxes and charge the same amount as the large rectangular ones. On close examination, I found that the tissues are folded the same way in the box. They are only bent to fit. I now buy the large boxes and refill the small ones by opening the bottom or side of the box and slipping in a stack. This works great! During allergy season, my husband loves to have tissue all over the house. This way, I don't get frustrated with having large boxes everywhere. I can hide the small ones wherever I need to.

Beautiful Skin
Undiluted lemon juice (fruit acid) applied to the skin once or twice a day will reduce the appearance of dark patches on the skin from hormonal imbalances, sun damage or acne scars. The only other alternatives are prescriptions and hydroquinolone (film developer), which can be dangerous. Lemon juice is a very safe and effective alternative and can be used indefinitely. Allow 30 days to start seeing results. I found this in a beauty book at the library.
-money saving tip from Ilsa G.

Can't Afford to Work Out?
Exercising regularly is the only way to go. Of course, your exercise can include outdoor activities, such as biking, walking, hiking, etc. However, for indoor exercise, don't let the cost of a gym membership deter you from joining.

As a long time employee of a YMCA, I know we never turn away folks because of limited income. All YMCAs, as part of their mission, provide financial aid. All you have to do is ask for a financial aid application and fill it out. Many people don't know this. They may give you a greatly reduced price and/or a no interest payment plan! All you have to do is ask!
Barbara G. in South Salem, NY

The Color Tin
I had a bunch of lipsticks that were used all the way down to the plastic base. I decided to scrape out what was left with a plastic knife and put it all in an empty mint tin. Now I have a pallet of all of my favorite shades that I can apply with a lip brush. The great thing is that I only have to carry the tin in my purse and I can mix the colors to have different shades too.

A note from Cheryl: I hope you find these money saving tips useful and informative in reducing costs on your personal care items. I welcome your feedback and suggestions, and encourage you to share your money saving tips and ideas so others may benefit.

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