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Money Saving Tips

Baby Needs and Supplies

Let's face it, babies cost money! Lots of money! Use these money saving tips to help reduce the cost of caring for your baby. Diapers, formula, toys, equipment, clothing, medicine, bottles, bibs......... the list seems endless. But baby doesn't have to put you in the poor house.

Use money saving tips and strategies when purchasing baby supplies and needs just like everything else in your life. Raising a child costs money, don't let it cost you more than it has to! Just as with every other budget expense, never spend more money than you have to!

Parents have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to a new baby in the house. Whether this is your first or tenth (oh my!), a new baby in the house is exciting and it's hard to maintain a sense of frugality. There are so many neat little toys and gadgets designed to make life with baby easier.

Maintaining a frugal sense about you is important. Otherwise, you're likely go crazy and buy everything you see. The best way to minimize baby's cost is to make a list of everything you absolutely need.

Focus on purchasing the items on your "need list" first and then indulge if you have the money. Or better yet, don't indulge. Every time you see a neat little gadget that would make your life with baby easier, but you know you don't absolutely need, write down the cost and put that amount in a college savings fund for baby.

When is come to baby supplies, they are usually short lived. Babies grow so quickly and grow out of toys, clothes, and even baby equipment just as quickly. Any items that can be purchased used or borrowed can save you more money. After all, what's the point in paying full price for something that the baby will use for only a few months?

Think of it this way, the more money you save now, the more money you'll have for baby's future! And, don't hesitate to tell others that you prefer to save for your baby's future rather than spend the money on new fangled gadgets and designer clothes.

Baby shoes? Baby shoes are my biggest pet peeve. Experts agree, there's just no need for a baby to have shoes. They won't be walking around for some time! What a waste. Not only is it a useless item (that serves no developmental purpose), they will grow out of them within a few short months. You might as well put your money in a paper shredder!

Baby clothes are another way to easily get rid of your money. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping. Focus your spending on clothing to make your baby comfortable while sleeping, not fashionable. Who cares if it's a designer brand? If it's soft and cozy, your baby won't care either. Who are you trying the impress anyway?

If you check thrift and consignment stores you'll find lots of nearly new, and some new, baby clothing. Babies usually have excess from baby showers, family member's gifts, etc. Many times they grow out of clothes before they even have a chance to wear them. This is where you save money!

Take advantage of the discount prices on these items at thrift and consignment stores. Be sure to check out our money saving tips for clothes to get more ideas on saving money on clothing.

Some more money saving tips for baby...

Saving Money With Baby

Here are five money saving tactics that can really come in handy if you have newborns or young children and would like to save money off a few of the many expenses that you have.

1. Borrow items that your friends, neighbors, or family members are no longer using anymore. Graciously accept all second hand gifts people no longer need. Keep what you can use, get rid of, or sell what you can not.

Think of all the people you know who have a small two or three year old. They are perfect candidates to ask for any unwanted baby equipment. Their children are already past this stage.

Your friends really do not need the 'baby stuff' any more (at least for the moment), and would probably be more than happy to either loan or give the items to you.

2. Whenever possible, buy items and clothing used. At first this might seem ridiculous or unimaginable to some, but really consider this money saving opportunity. You will save up to 95% off what you would normally pay in stores.

Kids grow quickly, too quickly it seems. Over four feet in less than ten years! That means lots and lots of clothes. Unbelievable bargains can be found at yard/garage sales, flea markets, pennysaver/classified advertisements, online auction and swap sites provide possible money saving opportunities for you and your family.

NOTE: You will not be buying dirty, worn out clothes with numerous holes all over the place. Even the seller knows that NO ONE will buy that!

The clothes at these sales are usually in near mint condition and are only being sold because their own children outgrew them. The sellers just want to get rid of them and you'll usually get a fantastic bargain.

Aside from clothing, you can also find tons of baby related items up for sale. Cribs, walkers, car seats, strollers, changing tables, play pens, baby monitors, all for pennies on the dollar.

Remember, these people you're buying from all have children who have outgrown these products, so it's all junk, in a matter of speaking. Score on a deal when you can.

3. Put off unnecesary, expensive purchases until you can either find a lower price, or can save up the money to buy. This is much better than opposed to charging up the credit card and paying for it later.

You may find that after waiting a bit longer and letting the 'excitement' wear off, that you can get by perfectly fine without it. For example, instead of a...

Changing Table: use a towel on top of a bed to change
Diaper Bag: Any sturdy bag can do.
Formula: If possible, breast feed to save on the cost of formula
Clothes: Ask family and friends. Yard sales, swap meets, advertisements.

4. Hospitals, churches, charitable organizations and salvation army may provide help to families needing financial assistance who have young children or newborns.

You can find more information at your city/community center, church or local yellow pages for programs that are available to you and your family.

5. Last and certainly not least is TIME. The time spent with your baby or child. Cherish these moments in your life as your baby grows over the years.

Instead of buying all the latest toys and gadgets, spend time, instead of money, playing and laughing with your child. Go to the park. Take nice walks with your baby in a stroller or back-pack style holder. Play together on the living room floor. Splash around in the bathtub. Crawl around together on the grass. This is more special than anything money can buy. - Copyright 2006 -- http://www.SavingSecrets.com - Get immediate access to effective money-saving articles and even a FREE monthly newsletter and downloadable ebook directly at their website!

Send us your money saving tips for baby stuff!

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