Monthly Budget Worksheet - Budget Expenses

The first monthly budget worksheet compares your actual spending to your net monthly income. A household budget is essential for successful money management.

Print this free budget worksheet to record expenses and compare expenses to income. In worksheets 2 and 3 you will create a balanced spending plan and a debt record with a debt repayment plan.

Tip: For best printing results, set your printing preferences to "landscape" before you print pages 1-3.

Budget Calculator

See how your expenses compare with this budget calculator. It's a great tool for identifying specific category overspending.

Monthly Budget Worksheet for ____________________

To calculate your monthly budget simply print this budget worksheet and write down how much you currently spend for each of the budget categories per month below. Then add up all your budgeted expenses and compare that to your net monthly income.
Allowances: #First_name#  
Allowances: Spouse  
Auto: Gas & Oil  
Auto: Registration  
Debt/Payment To: Credit Card #1  
Debt/Payment To: Credit Card #2  
Debt/Payment To: Credit Card #3  
Debts: Car Payment #1  
Debts: Car Payment #2  
Debts: Mortgage  
Entertainment: Cable & Internet  
Entertainment: Movies & Events  
Financial Plan: College Fund  
Financial Plan: IRA  
Financial Plan: Investments  
Food: Dining Out  
Food: Groceries  
Health: Co-pay & Supplies  
Insurance: Auto  
Insurance: Health  
Insurance: Housing  
Insurance: Life  
Taxes: Property Taxes  
Utilities: Electricity  
Utilities: Gas  
Utilities: Mobile Phone  
Utilities: Phone  
Utilities: Water/Sewer/Trash  
Other Expense #1  
Other Expense #2  
Other Expense #3  
Other Expense #4  
Other Expense #5  
Total Monthly Expenses  
Monthly Net Income  
Minus Expenses (from above)  
Available Income  

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Monthly Budget Worksheet #3