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Centsible Money Basics

Our Feelings about The Merge

May 1, 2005

Here we would like to introduce ourselves and address the pending merge of the two newsletters. Today's issue, April 15, will serve as an example of what type of information you will recieve in the new creation.

You can view our comments and feelings regarding the merge here. We encourage all of our readers to contact us with any concerns they may have.

If you are already familiar with Roger and his works, you can follow the link below to find out about the new editor.

Cheryl Johnson Introduction

Financial Fitness Quiz

Roger Sorensen

May 1, 2005

Hello everybody;

Once again it is that time of year and it has snuck up on me extremely fast this time. No, Iím not talking about my wedding anniversary, though I know some of you will be celebrating this month.

What I mean is that today is May Day - the one time of year when it is perfectly acceptable to stick a pole in your yard and dance around it carrying flowers.

Itís time to fire up the grill, eat food beside lakes, sleep in tents during rain showers and find ways to get back to nature. Things change during this time of year. The yards are green, flowers are starting to bloom, and the trees are filling up with birds and their nests.

Here at the Central Headquarters change is happening as well. For one thing, the name Central Headquarters is a change reflecting the fact that I am writing this to you from the very heartland of America.

Some of you are wondering who I am though most of you already know me as the editor of Money Basics Ė The Newsletter. For those of you who are new, or donít yet know me allow me to introduce myself as humbly as possible, I promise.

I am Roger Sorensen, the Financial Speaker and Author. I have been running Brighter Futures for over 4 years now, providing Financial Guidance to everyone who wanted to make their money work for them, instead of always working for their money. To this end I operate two websites Ė BrighterFutures.com and Slave2Work.com

Some of you have been reading my rambling musings for over 2 years. I really want to tell you folks a great big thank you for your time and attention. Iíve appreciated it.

Before you get the idea that Iím dying or going to stop providing financial guidance, I want to tell you not to worry because Iím going to be around for a good long time, Lord willing. I even have a couple books more than You Donít Own Money and a few workbooks and other materials planned if I can find the time to produce them. What is happening right now is changes.

The biggest change affecting you, the readers of Money Basics, is that this very newsletter, the one you have been reading for over two years is about to merge with another newsletter.

Perhaps you have heard of it, perhaps youíve been tucked away in the basement for a while now. Cherylís Sensible Cents and Money Basics will be merging together to form a newsletter called _______?

A name for this joint venture hasnít been chosen yet. We thought we would leave that up to you, the readers to help pick a name.

Some of the possibilities include:

  • Financial Something
  • Personal Finance Times
  • Money News
  • Dollars & Cents
  • Money Basics
  • The possibilities are almost endless, though the five above are favorites. Vote for your favorite by email to Roger or to the new editor Cheryl Please include "Name Suggestion" in the subject line.

    If you think a different name would be better, please send it in also.

    This merger is set to become official in the middle of May. At this time, Cheryl and I are putting together this edition as the first step, a way to introduce our readers to the new format, a new editor, and of course, my commentary. I assure you, they are not all this long winded.

    This brings me to another change in the newsletter Ė more issues. Instead of being merely a once per month e-zine, Money Basics (or whatever name you choose) will begin reaching your inbox twice a month. This increase will provide you with even more financial articles, more money-saving ideas, and more encouragement to take control of your finances.

    Do not worry about the quality, it will not suffer one bit. I have received Cherylís newsletter for a while and am impressed with her content, and she will become the editor-in-chief. By combining the best of both newsletters, I believe weíll be delivering a higher quality product with more information to you, the subscriber, at no additional cost.

    You will still receive my commentary and articles and the popular Q&A section. You will also be reading about money saving recipes, and better Tips, Tricks and Advice, there will now be something for everyone!

    After having wrapped up tax season, I thought May would be a good time to announce the changes taking place here. There will likely be more changes later as Money Basics continues to evolve and become a newsletter you value and look forward to receiving.

    I am going to ask you all a favor, right now. There will soon be an email coming asking you to click on a URL to confirm that you do want to receive email from that email address. PLEASE DO SO! As part of this merger, you are all being moved over to a new newsletter host.

    Unfortunately, to avoid the risk of anyone declaring us to be sending spam, you will have to reconfirm that we are sending you desirable email.

    There is a risk that some of you will decide this is a good time to drop us from your inbox. I will tell you in advance that how sorry we are to see you go. On the other hand, if you leave now, you would have left at some time. Check back later and see if we are offering what you want yet. In fact if you are going to leave, send an email to me telling me why you are leaving, so Cheryl and I can try to fix the problem for everyone else.

    For those of you who decide to stay Ė Thank You and Welcome To A New Era!

    For now that's all,


    Cheryl Johnson

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Cheryl, mother of four, helping myself and others become and remain debt free. I am the publisher of Simple Debt Free Living. A self-help budgeting plan, ideas, and resources for debt reduction, personal budgeting, and frugal living.

    You can learn more about me, and my family, Here

    I'm really excited about the pending merge of Money Basics and Cheryl's Sensible Cents.

    The current issue is our first attempt at combining what I believe to be a progressive step forward. Our new creation will prove to be a more powerful tool to money management.

    While Sensible Cents provides tips on how to save money in all areas of everyday living, Money Basics keeps us informed of the higher finance issues we need to deal with in order to become financially secure in our future and take control of our money.

    Sensible Cent's money saving tips help balance the budget, encourage debt free living, and promote a frugal lifestyle.Roger's financial advice will help you increase future financial security and independence.

    View back issues of Sensible Cents Here

    View back issues of Money Basics Here

    What do we have in common? We both see and understand what problems consumers are facing today. Trends that inevitably breakdown the financial security and independence of families today. We're here to try and help make some sense of it all, to help you take control of your money, and stop letting it control you.

    I have learned alot from my own mistakes and am eager to share my ideas with others who want to live a debt free, and consequently, a lower stress, life.

    Money can be a burden or a blessing. It's up to us to decide which one we allow it to be!

    The result of the merge can only prove to be rewarding for all of us who are interested in taking back control of our money and our life!

    May we prosper together in a new world that teaches our children to be confident, moral, financially secure and independent, members of society. For their happiness and ours!

    Live Debt Free to Be Free. You Deserve It!

    Til next time,Cheryl

    Please contact me, or Roger, at the links below to express any concerns,ideas, or suggestions you may have about the merge.

    A Note From Roger

    May 15, 2005

    Hi Everybody,

    Welcome to the second newsletter, the result of merging the two newsletters Money Basics and Cherylís Sensible Cents. The name chosen for this merge attempt is Centsible Money Basics. Thank you Elizabeth, a copy of You Donít Own Money Ė 2nd Edition is on its way to you.

    Before I forget, I want to ask everyone who has been with me for more than a few months a question. Why didnít you confirm you wanted to receive Money Basics through the new host? I sent an email, and unless your filter ate every single one, only a handful of you bothered to click the link.

    To make up for this oversight, you may click on this email address, Money Basics and send a blank email. You will still have to confirm before it is official, but I really would like to have everyone on the new host by the end of the month.

    Can you believe Motherís Day is over already? I hope you remembered to support the national economy by buying something for her. Nearly $1 billion will be spent on greeting cards for Mom this year, and another $1.4 billion on candy Ė thatís a lot of sugar.

    This year is simply going way to fast, in another week the kids will be out of school for the summer. Have you taken the time to work on your money plan to be sure you can afford your summer spending? I really donít like hearing from subscribers who say ďWe spent $1500 more than we intended to!Ē I help them get their finances back on track by adjusting their spending plan, or sometimes drastic action is called for, but it is no fun for anybody.

    So please be sure your spending plan includes saving money in your emergency fund for unexpected expenses. The key is to be sure you are not counting on using the money for ďplannedĒ overspending. That defeats the purpose of having a spending plan. My plans for the summer are very boring Ė work, work, work. My family and I will go to a family camp at Lake Okoboji in Iowa for the 4th of July week, but there are no other plans this year.

    With no other words, Iím going to let you get on with reading this newsletter. Thereís some really good stuff in it and I donít want to keep you from it any longer.

    For now thatís all,
    Roger Sorensen


    Roger's Comment

    June 1, 2005

    Hello everybody,

    There is absolutely nothing like a deadline to make two weeks disappear quicker than a magician's rabbit. What do I mean? I mean that it doesnít seem like only 14 days since I last contributed to this newsletter. Time flies when you are extremely busy or having lots of fun.

    Since I have not been having a lot of fun, it means I have been busy. Iíve taken a second job driving a local delivery truck to help out the old cash flow and pay some medical bills quicker. Anymore, those dentists and doctors charge an interest rate equal to 18% annual rate. Thatís highway robbery, if you ask me!

    I know, I know. They are in business to make money, not to carry charity cases on the books or receive payment in chickens anymore. Even so, in my opinion this is just another example of whatís going wrong in society today. The cost of medicine and health care is going up faster than a working familyís wages, few neighbors get together to help each other any more, and everybody is out for themselves.

    There is no simple solution to this kind of society problem. In fact sometimes when I am feeling really blue, I think there is no solution at all. I know that there is, though. Itís called thoughtfulness and being helpful.

    Do you know who your neighbor is, what their children are named and where they work? Do you ever get together with them for supper, to share a favorite board game or even just talk in the hallway?

    These things will not fix the problems in society, and they will not give you a single dollar more in your wallet. However, it will bring greater joy into your day. Joy and happiness are not things you can put a price on. They are priceless.

    I donít want you to think that I am saying that being penniless is a happy state to be in when you are good friends with your neighbors. I have met enough wealthy people who are miserable and many very poor people who are happy for me to realize that there is truth to the saying that ďItís not what you have, but your attitude towards what you donít have that is important.Ē

    Tell me what you think, I know some of you have gone from rags to not rags and Iíd like to hear your stories. When were you most happy? Where you ever content with your life? Iíd like to hear about those things.

    For now thatís all,Roger Sorensenroger@slave2work.com

    A Note From Roger

    June 15,2005

    Hello everybody,

    Once again it is time for me to produce another commentary for Centsible Money Basics and I donít really have anything to talk about. I mean, there are plenty of things that I could write on, important things even, but feel no need to discuss them in detail here.

    What I am going to do is ask your opinion about something. In October the new bankruptcy rules take affect, supposedly slowing the number of people declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy. How do you feel about these new rules? Do you know anything about them? In short, they say everyone has to have gone to a certified counselor before, and after declaring bankruptcy. If you can pay $100 a month for 5 years, you have to do so. Essentially, that is all there is that you hear about in the media anyway. Send an email to roger@slave2work.com, use the subject line ďBankruptcy ReformĒ and tell me what you think.

    Okay, I guess there was something in my fingers wanting to hop out onto the screen after all. Iíve been so terribly busy these past weeks, working an average of 69 hours a week that Iím kind of tired. Send me an email to roger@slave2work.com with the subject line ďHours I WorkĒ and tell me how many hours a week you work and Iíll publish the average here next time. Iíve always wondered if I work more, or less than everybody else.

    Do you have anything else you want to tell me? Iím still looking for feedback and ways to improve my website, www.slave2work.com. Donít forget to check it out and tell me what you think. .

    For now thatís all,Roger Sorensenroger@slave2work.com

    Roger's Comment

    July, 1,2005

    Hello everybody;

    I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather, grilling your food outdoors, sleeping beside lakes, working like a dog in your yard to keep it from turning into a jungle. Spring has changed into summer and the early blooming flowers are done blooming and the first batch of new birds and bunnies are on their own.

    What does all of this mean? It means change. Spring and Summer are full of change. Spring was the time when Cheryl Johnson and I began a merger of our newsletters the result of which was hoped to be a superior product for you, the readers.

    Summer is now a time change as we announce the end of the merger attempt. Due to a difference of opinion regarding certain business similarities, we are choosing to end the merger attempt and go our separate ways.

    Here at Central Headquarters this is a difficult announcement to make. However, the unmerged Money Basics Ezine will continue to be published twice a month, and better changes are planned.

    Do not worry about the quality of Money Basics, it will not suffer one bit. I have learned a few things from Cheryl that I hope to use to continue producing a quality Ezine. There will likely be more changes later as Money Basics continues to evolve and strives to continue being an Ezine bringing you quality content you look forward to receiving.

    Cheryl, thank you for your efforts the past months.

    For now that's all,


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