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Printable Grocery List

A printable grocery list is a great tool to help keep you focused on getting just what you need at the grocery store. Grocers are always using marketing strategies to get the consumer to buy more food. Usually, food they don't really need, advertised as a "big sale".

If you've been paying attention to my grocery savings advice and Lana Dorazio's advice in The Grocery Book about "sale" prices, you know by now that a sale isn't a sale unless it's the absolute lowest price you can get in your area. You'll know this by just by doing a little grocery store research and recording your purchases.

Use a grocery list each time you go to the store. You'll save the most money if you're prepared to shop for the week's menu and avoid those little "emergency" trips to the grocery store.

Plan your menus, write down what you need to buy in order to complete the menus and then use this printable grocery list. (opens in a new window. Use your browsers File/Print option to Print) Check off, or indicate amount of (if you need more than one of an item), each item you need to buy for the weeks menus.

Check grocery store sale flyers before you go to the store, so you can check off leader items you may want to stock up on. Leader items are drastically reduced products that are intended to "lead" the consumer into the store in hopes that they will buy all the groceries they need while there.

Print more than one printable grocery list (or make a master and then copy) if you have several items to get at more than one store. This is a good money saving strategy as long as travel time is not too great. With gas prices so high today, you have take into the consideration the added costs of travel when shopping around. A leader item that you use frequently and want to stock up on might be worth the trip if you have the money to buy enough to see you through a substantial time period.

I do this regularly with items like tomato sauce, rice, and pasta. If quantities aren't limited I buy cases of this item when offered at "my lowest price" to carry me through 6 months to a year. We use this item frequently in meatloaf, spaghetti, stuffed peppers, campfire rice, and a variety of other dishes. I still try to work the trip in around other errands to save on gas expenses, but it's well worth the extra trip if I can't work it in before the sale ends.

Be sure to have sufficient and appropriate storage if you use this money saving grocery shopping strategy to stock up. Grains will need to be stored in air tight containers and keep best if you can store in a fridge or freezer.

Go to the printable grocery list now. (opens in a new window. Use your browsers File/Print option or print icon to Print)

If you find that I have forgotten an important item on my printable grocery list, or if you have trouble printing the list, please contact me.

For an online, editable and printable, grocery checklist visit ScottCommonSense.com

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