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Real Estate Savings

Home Buying Tips and Resources

When you consider real estate buying or selling, you need to do a lot of research to get the best value for your money. Consider these important issues first when doing research:

  • Where do you want to live? Define preferences for schools, neighborhoods, distance to your work or health care facilities. Define geographic limitations, if necessary.
  • What size home will accommodate your family comfortably? Do you need any special features unique to your family?
  • What are your financial capabilities? How much can you afford? It is essential to have this information before beginning your real estate search.

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Make a list that includes answers to the above and any added features you need for the home. Also, include any features you would like to have, but are not essential.

You may not find a home with everything you would love to have that's within the budget. But, knowing what you do want, or need, is a good place to start!

You never know what you’ll fall into on your real estate buying adventure! Especially if you take the time to do that research!

Next, it's time to do your real estate research! You can get valuable public information about property values at your local county clerks office. Your local public offices are a wealth of information. Research properties in your area of interest to find out tax assessment values and market values (you can find out how much the most recent sale of a property was).

If you are interested in specific real estate for sale, you can do this type of public information research on neighboring homes to give yourself some bargaining power! The more informed you are - the less likely you are to be taken advantage of.

Instant online real estate values
The Electronic Appraiser will estimate the value of your home or other real estate in seconds!

Look for Real Estate Bargains

  • Look for reduced to sell, fixer-uppers, must move sales, and asset sales like FDIC Sales. Learn everything you need to know about buying real estate assets from the FDIC. You might find a bargain here!
  • Knowing what the competetion is can be a great assest in this area. So, be sure to check out your market area to know what a bargain really is.

    There are even programs that will help you find real estate within a specific price range or find bargain homes. Buy Homes for 1/2 Price at Bargain Homes

  • Home Inspections are Essential

    Having a home inspection done is highly recommended. This may cost you, but is well worth the money it could save you. Purchasing real estate is a serious financial investment. You don't want to end up purchasing a home with major structural damage.

    This is damage the seller may not even be aware of. It's well worth any extra cost that may be involved. Contact local inspectors in your area to get the best prices. Need help finding one? Go to the National Association of Home Inspectors Site.

    Many times home inspections can be included as a qualifying condition for a real estate offer to purchase. In other words, the offer is contingent on a successful inspection of the real estate in question.

    Cut Out or Reduce Extra Expenses

    Even if you're not on a tight budget, you should try to minimize extra costs and expenses standard to most real estate purchases.

  • Check out real estate sale by owner services. Not only a great resource for finding homes for sale by owners, but a great resource if you want to sell your current home.

    Buy and Sell Real Estate Without Paying a Broker! You can save you thousands in commission fees.

  • Check out real estate financing options that reduce or eliminate closing costs, points, etc. and offer good rates. Check out ING DIRECT Orange Mortgage Great Rates. Zero closing costs for limited time. Easy Online Application.
  • Remember, Informed Consumer = More Savings!

    The more your know the more you'll save. And, the less likely you are to be taken advantage of.

  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides 100 Questions and Answers About Buying a New Home
  • If you're going to use a realtor, Check Commission Rates in Your Neighborhood

    Let REALTORS® compete for your business. Whether you're buying or selling real estate, find the right REALTOR® and the right price for you.

    HomeGain offers products that help consumers find and compare REALTORS®, find the value of their home, search homes for sale, receive mortgage quotes, moving quotes and more!

  • Real Estate Purchase/Finance Options

    To get the best finance interest rates be sure to check out all your options! A major decision like financing a home should never be rushed! Buying a home is a long term financial commitment that deserves serious consideration.

  • Know Your Lender

    My best advice is to know who you are dealing with. When it comes to your home you want the security of knowing that you are using a lender you can trust. A well known and respected lender is a good choice. Before you commit, know who you are dealing with. Always research the lenders background. Make sure that contact and background information is easily accessible.

    Most reputable companies are eager for you to know where they come from, where they're going, and any community services and involvement information. Even a new and upcoming lender should offer this valuable information. If this information is not easily accessible, I would question the resource. You should be able to find information on any lender by visiting their website.

  • Look for, and take advantage of, money saving promotions and features like, no points, reduced or no closing costs, etc. No points is just one of the possible money saving benefits of the Orange Mortgage available at ING DIRECT.

    Fixed Rate vs. Adjustable Rate Calculator - Find out how much you can save with an Orange Mortgage from ING DIRECT.

  • Consider Mortgage Comparison

    No time to do extensive research? Compare offers using a lending service that can help you find the lowest rate available for your situation. You'll save time and money by letting someone else do all the research. Finding the lowest rates and terms suited to your specific needs is fast and easy. Get the lowest rate on your home loan

  • Read more about Home Loan Solutions

  • Is a Reverse Mortgage right for you? In the case of reverse mortgage, which is also known as a conversion mortgage, the home is used as collateral to get the cash amount. We can say that this is similar to a standard mortgage, but for reverse mortgage there are no monthly loan payments and the homeowner doesn't need an income to qualify for this kind of mortgage...Read On

  • First Time Home Buyers Secrets Did you know you can buy a house with:

    - no credit
    - no closing costs
    - no down payment
    - less than $500 out of your pocket

    Learn about special grants for first time home buyers.

    Click here for details

    Remember, there are several ways to purchase real estate. The traditional loan from a bank is only one way to negotiate a sale of property.

    Check out this alternative method for buying your next home. Lease Purchasing

    Recommended reading: No Money Down

    Once You Get Your Home
    Keep on Saving!

    Twelve Ways to Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance

    Energy Conservation Tips

    The Department of Energy provides tips on Energy-Efficient Air Conditionning

    Weatherize Your Home - Explains the various types of caulking and weather stripping to help you choose the best method to fix air leaks in your home.

    Other Home Buying Resources

    Resources That Help You Move
    Home Improvement Resources
    Information on Home for rent at myhomeadvise.com
    Articles, Tips and Expert Information about Home for Rent

    What the PMI charges depend upon? You can visit this page to get all the details. In addition to it you can get region specific information. Such as the recent trends and mortgage laws prevalent in California and that Texas Home Equity Loan documents need to be revised as per recent Constitutional Amendments in Texas.

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