Lower All Your Home Bills  

While there is no way to eliminate the costs of living, you may be surprised to find out how much they can be lowered.  From your heating costs, to electricity, and even your water bill, you could be throwing away hundreds of dollars each month.  In these tough economic days, now is the time to identify the areas in your home utilities where you can make simple changes to save big money. 

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Water Costs Money 

Water bills are generally not at the top of people’s minds when they think of their utilities.  Water, however, costs money. As populations continue to increase and water gets more and more scarce, water bills will increase dramatically. 

Follow these simple tips to lower your water bill instantly: 

  • why high prices?Toilet:  Add a water bottle or other object of similar size to your tank.  This one simple trick will save you 16% of your water usage, per flush, and add up to 7,500 gallons of water saved on average annually.
  • Leaks:  Repair leaky faucets whenever you find them.  A decent leak can waste up to 800 cubic feet of water in one day.
  • Showers not Baths:  Take showers rather than baths, and keep it relatively short.  A long hot shower will not only take a lot of water, but will increase you electricity or gas bill.  Baths should be used sparingly as they typically consume a lot more water than showering.
  • Turn off the Facet:  While shaving, brushing your teeth, or washing your hands, turn off the facet.  That water you don’t need is going down the drain along with your hard-earned money.
  • Electricity and Gas 

  • Electricity and gas, depending on where you live and how you heat your home, will usually be your most costly bill.  Many homeowners can find themselves paying as much as 50% or more of their mortgage payment, just to keep their home powered and heated.  Follow these tips to lower your usage and monthly costs: 
  • Turn Off the Lights:  This is obvious, but often overlooked.  Make sure you turn off the lights for rooms where you don’t need it.  Try installing sensor lights in areas where applicable such as porches.
  • Go Fluorescent:  Change out your old bulbs for new generation energy star fluorescent bulbs.  Not only do they last longer, but they use a lot less power.
  • save on home utilitiesWeatherproof Your Home:  Seal off any areas in your home where air is able to pass through.  Don’t forget to insulate your hidden areas like attics.  Keeping cold air or hot air out will help you keep your thermostat even and save you money.
  • Lower the Thermostat:  Lowering your thermostat just 1 degree could save you nearly 3-8% every month depending on your home size.  Try to maintain 70 degrees or lower; wear a sweater and throw another blanket on your bed.
  • Water Heater:  Lower the temperature on your water heater.  Most people heat water hotter than they will ever use without knowing.  This extra energy used to heat the water adds up fast.  Especially if you consider your water heater is always working, whether or not you are using it.  Also, for this reason, remember to turn it off when traveling and keep it insulated.  Special insulation packages are available at your local hardware store to reduce the amount of heat your tank loses.
  • Use Timers:  Using timers for items which require electricity is an easy way to save power, without having to work.  Make sure things only turn on when you need them, and for shorter periods of time. 
  • Dishes and Clothes:  When washing your dishes or clothing, never ever start a load that isn’t full.  Not only will this save you water, it will save you significant energy from these power-sucking appliances.  Also use cold water washing whenever possible.  This will also keep your clothes from fading and wearing out sooner.

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    Investing Now Will Save

    There are literally hundreds of other small fixes that can help take down your utility bills even more.  Consider some big changes that will cost you to install, but save you big.  Installing a skylight can cut down on your lighting bills and add value to your home.  New windows, while costly, will brighten your home and keep the temperature in your home more regulated.  Finally, look outside your home at your yard.  Changing your landscape to plants which are less water dependant can increase your water savings, and may even look better than your current yard.  

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