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Shopping Tips

Here are some more money saving shopping tips to help keep your budget on track. Frugal shoppers know that using multiple money saving strategies is the best way to maximum savings!

So use all the money saving tips you've learned plus a few new ones you may pick up here to stay within your budget, promote a frugal lifestyle, and encourage debt free living.

Remember, an Informed Consumer = More Savings!

33 Basic Smart Shopping Tips

by Sandy Shields
Here are thirty-three basic smart shopping tips that can beused anywhere you shop. Use them to save money, and as aguide to strengthen your purchasing power.

1. Plan your spending. Avoid impulse buys.

2. Advertised items are not necessarily the cheapest.

3. Watch for unadvertised specials.

4. Remember to ask for a "raincheck" if an item is sold out.

5. To avoid crowds, do not shop after work, on paydays, orjust before holidays.

6. Buy items before you run out of them. Buy at clearance,or sale price, instead of regular price when you must havethe item.

7. Know the sales cycle in your area.

8. Just because an item is on sale, doesn't necessarily meanit is a good deal for your family. If you won't use it,don't buy it.

9. Due to volume discounts, larger stores are generallycheaper than smaller ones.

10. Your emotions affect your shopping. Be careful of the "Ideserve it" mentality.

11. Buy at the end of the season.

12. Stock up when prices are low.

13. Try alternative shopping: Shop salvage stores, thriftstores, consignment shops, warehouse clubs, yard sales, andgarage sales.

14. Remember that no particular store has the lowest priceon all items.

15. Create a "shopping pool". Agree with family and friendsto shop sales for each other.

16. Shop alone. Other individuals will only help fill yourshopping cart.

17. Check the entire store for specials and alternatives.

18. Get to know your favorite store's employees. Don't beafraid to ask questions.

19. Know your prices, keep a price book.

20. About Prices: Compare, Compare, Compare. This is howyour price book helps you.

21. Larger is not always cheaper. Smaller is not alwayscheaper.

22. Look at unit prices.

23. You pay more for fancy packaging. Beware.

24. Remember the "Rule of Three": If an item has threedifferent ways it can be used, you will not be wasting yourmoney.

25. Never pay full price.

26. Shop defensively.

27. Try store and generic brands.

28. Watch as the clerk rings up your purchases. Check yourreceipt.

29. Shop for gifts year round.

30. Return purchases that do not meet your expectations.

31. Complain if it is genuinely warranted.

32. Call before you go to confirm item is available.

33. If you must, leave the checkbook and credit cards athome or in the car.

Sandy is a freelance writer and webmaster of TheFrugalShopper.com.She enjoys living the frugal life, saving money, and helpingothers to do the same. Subscribeto her newsletter to receive more money-saving ideas andfrugal tips. Reprint permission granted with this footerincluded. Copyright TheFrugalShopper.com 1999-2003.

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