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Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

Would you prefer a unique engagement ring for the one you love? You don't have to be like everyone else. Celebrate your unique relationship with a gemstone instead of diamond engagement ring.

Celebrate Your Individuality When Choosing an Engagement Ring

Colored Gemstones Provide a Fashionable Alternative to Diamonds
(ARA) – When it comes time to choose your engagement ring – or to drop some not-so-subtle hints for your fiancé – don’t limit yourself to simply deciding what shape diamond you want. Colored gemstone engagement rings are a fashionable option, and one that allows you to express your personality and style while celebrating your love.

Perhaps the most famous gemstone engagement ring is the one that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana when they were engaged. The beautiful blue sapphire ring was as lovely and unique as the woman who wore it. More recently, pop star Jessica Simpson celebrated her engagement with a gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond ring.

Unique "Engagement rings are a fashion statement as much as a declaration of love," says Natalie Parman, a trend watcher for Jewelry Television. "After all, you’ll be wearing this ring every day; if a traditional diamond just simply isn’t your style, you should feel empowered to choose a [unique engagement] ring that is."

Just as diamonds can be cut into a variety of styles and shapes, so can gemstones [for a unique engagement ring]. And chances are you’ll be able to afford a bigger stone than if you bought a traditional diamond – an added bonus. "There is more competition in the marketplace for gemstones, since they are found in many different parts of the world. Diamonds are mined in only a few places, which means prices are kept high by producers," notes Parman.

Exhibiting the purest form of every possible color, you’ll find gemstones come in a wide range of breathtaking hues. With the variety of gemstones ranging from red sparkling rubies to blue sapphires, green emeralds, and more, there truly is something [unique] for everyone.

You can base your choice [of unique engagement ring]on personal color preference, or let the romantic in you choose according to the traditional significance of each gemstone. Blue often symbolizes peace and tranquility, for example, while red is the universal color of passion and symbolizes beauty and love. Green reflects the vital energy of life, awakening us to growth, nature and the possibilities of a vibrant existence.

There is more to gemstone beauty than the ability to glitter and glow. Gemstone quality is determined by its beauty, rarity and durability, determined by examining its carat weight, color, clarity and cut. Just as with choosing the more traditional diamond ring, making a good [unique engagement ring] choice involves learning all you can about gemstones.

That’s where Jewelry Television can help. Not only does the company have the largest selection of loose gemstones in the world, but they are dedicated to helping their customers learn as much as possible before making a purchase. A visit to Jewelry Television’s Web site provides a wealth of information about gemstone lore and quality to help you make an informed unique engagement ring choice.

No matter how well-informed you are, when buying a gemstone, you need to trust the seller. Jewelry Television stands by its merchandise -- many items come with free appraisals. Since the company focuses exclusively on the sale of fine jewelry and gemstones, it offers a huge variety at fantastic prices.

Since you’ll be buying a loose gemstone, you’ll have even more opportunities to customize your ring by choosing a unique setting. "You can choose to work with a local jewelry designer to make the most of your gemstone, or you can choose from the castings and settings available through Jewelry Television," says Parman.

Jewelry Television is the only shop-at-home source for loose gemstones. You can watch Jewelry Television and order over the phone, or visit the company’s Web site at your convenience to see what’s new. Check local listings to find the network on your cable system, DirectTV or the Dish Network, or visit www.JewelryTelevision.com. - Courtesy of ARA Content

Deciding to purchase a unique engagement ring is a great way to show how much you care. Show her your relationship means enough to give your engagement ring choice some serious thought and consideration. A special unique engagement ring will say it all!

Send us your unique engagement ring ideas.

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