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Wedding Costs

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Wedding costs can vary greatly depending on the bride and groom's expectations. Weddings have become nearly as commercialized as the Christmas season. For tips on reducing wedding expenses, especially if you're on a tight budget, review our Low Budget Wedding Ideas

Making a list and moving through it step-by-step is a practical way to assure all wedding needs are accounted for in your budget. Major wedding costs should be considered first. Then you can move on to fine tune the smaller details.

Plan Wedding Costs

The Master Wedding Planning Guide

Plan a perfect wedding day like a professional... without it costing an arm and a leg! Discover the insider secrets to saving time, stress and money while planning your wedding, yet still have the wedding of your dreams... even if you have never planned an event before in your life!!

Includes over 150 money saving tips for wedding costs... plus photo's, charts and tables, and tips and techniques for getting the absolute most out of your wedding planning experience.

Can be downloaded to your computer within a few minutes! Just $19.95 for the downloadable version. Hardcopy is available.

The Wedding Dress

The Bride's Dress

If you've opted for the traditional bride's dress and don't have a heirloom dress available, the bride's dress will be a major portion of your wedding costs. Afterall, the bride is the center of attention as she walks down the aisle.

Be sure to check closeout sources like Classic Closeouts. They don't always have wedding dresses in inventory but, since inventory can be unpredictable, it never hurts to take a look. You may just get lucky. In any event, you may find a great deal on your honeymoon outfit.

Reducing costs on the wedding dress and other wedding attire could reduce your total wedding costs substantially. Read about Bridal Dress Trends for more information on wedding dress and wedding party attire trends.

For tips on reducing wedding costs and getting the most dress for your money review our Low Budget Wedding Dress Tips

Accent on Accessories

Bridal accessories go way beyond the veil this year as jewelry, gloves, handbags and other accent pieces all play an important part. The softer look in bridal dresses is reflected in the gentler drape of veils this season.

The trend of embellishment is reflected in headpiece collections as well. Youíll see tiaras and veils bejeweled with crystals, gold thread, fresh water pearls and rhinestones in addition to classically simple scalloped veils.

The embellishment theme is also reflected in wraps and handbags, for example, with a beautiful floral pattern on a handbag. The sophisticated look of pearls and gold will also be strong, especially in tiara and jewelry collections. The classic string of pearls is always appropriate; for something trendier, consider sparkling rhinestone chandelier earrings.

Gloves are making a comeback this year, in keeping with the romantic direction of bridal fashion. Youíll find them from wrist-length to over-the-elbow, in 2-, 12- and 16-button styles, and even gauntlets are making a return.

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The Bridal Shower

Are you planning the bridal shower and the wedding? This could be part of your overall wedding costs then. Looking for ideas on planning the brides shower? Take a look at the wonderful ideas at Bridal Shower Ideas for You. Complete information on planning a bridal shower. You'll find Bridal shower games, themes, decorations and favor ideas. Suggestions for gifts, food, and couples showers are also included.

The Wedding and Engagement Rings

Review your options when considering your wedding ring costs. If you really don't like the traditional diamond, don't be afraid to say so.

Research all your options no matter what your preference. On-line, off-line, retail, wholesale, or perhaps you have an heirloom ring available to you. Whatever you do, plan ahead and look around!

I was sick when I discovered that I could have saved over $250 on my wedding band if I had purchased it at UltraDiamonds.com

At SunJewelry.com, you can buy discounted wedding bands in Gold & Platinum. They have a huge selection of new designs.

Search closeout sources like Classic Closeouts. They don't always have the type of jewelry you may be looking for, but since inventory can be unpredictable, it never hurts to take a look.

Never pay retail at UltraDiamonds.com

Looking for something unique? Celebrate Your Individuality When Choosing an Engagement Ring

Getting the best price available on wedding rings is just one more way to bring those wedding costs down.

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Reception Wedding Costs

The reception will likely require more planning than the actual ceremony. Reception location, food, beverage, favors, music, and seating are some major wedding costs to be considered.

Dinner and Beverages

Generally low budget catering means fewer choices. If you're planning a low budget wedding review our Low Budget Reception Tips

- The Right Food and Wine Make for a Memorable Reception Don't know what menu to serve? Your reception will most likely be the most expensive part of your wedding, especially if you opt for a sit-down dinner and an open bar. But there are other alternatives. Here are some tips to help you get the most bang for your buck. Read More About the Right Food and Wine

- Say "I Do" to the Chocolate Fountain! Couples spend thousands of dollars to make their special day stand out. If you really want to wow your guests, offer them chocolate. And, Iím not talking about your run-of-the-mill candy bar variety typically found in the average wedding favor. Iím talking about a chocolate loverís fantasy come true... Read More About Chocolate Fountains

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Considering a Wedding Website?

A Wedding Website Will Reduce Stress

Personal Wedding Websites are becoming a necessity for every wedding for many reasons. Including important information eliminates questions that accompanied weddings in the pre - internet era. The stress reducing effect is as beneficial for the guests as it is for the couple.

Take for example, the gift registry. It is considered inappropriate to tell guests where one is registered in the invitation. This results in many phone calls by guests attempting to discover where the couple's gift registry is located. If the guest is not close to the immediate family, they will not know who to call to find out what stores the couple has selected to receive their gifts. This results in another bowl or serving piece that the couple will have to return the day after the wedding.

To avoid this stressful situation for the couple and the guests, couples can include their wedding website address in the invitation (which is completely acceptable according to all wedding etiquette experts). When guests visit the website to see their story, pictures, details, and other important information, they can easily find direct links to their online registries.

Another example of making life easier on the couple and their guests is having the details and maps posted directly on the wedding website where guests can access them anytime worldwide. Without a website, the couple will receive many phone calls about where and when each event is, as well as, "what's the best way to get there". The couple can also avoid including extra notes in the invitation to tell out of town guests where hotel arrangements have been made, if they have a wedding website.

Some guests seem to take their time returning the RSVP card that usually accompanies the invitation. Not many weddings go by without the need to call some guests directly to see whether they are planning to attend or not. Having a wedding website can reduce this pursuit. When guests visit the website to see all kinds of information and pictures they can RSVP at the click of a button.

The benefits of a personal wedding website are plentiful, including sharing pictures and stories with friends and family. Thanks to the advancements in technology, one can create a beautiful website without any knowledge of programming whatsoever.

Wedding Websites by myevent.commakes it as easy as filling in forms. Your information is fed into a beautiful design template of your choice. There is a 7 day Free Trial with no credit card required.

Creating a website will make life easier for you and your guests and as a bonus you will have a lot of Fun doing it.

To learn more, visit weddings.myevent.com

How are you paying for your wedding costs?
Financing Your Wedding and Married Life offers some good advice for newlyweds about wedding costs and marriage.

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