Wood Burning Pellet Stove

by Stacey West
(Dorr, MI)

My husband and I recently moved into our first home. We used to live in a tiny little apartment, but we could crank the heat since it was included with rent. Our new home is just under 2,000 square feet, and with home ownership, we pay everything.

I was really worried about having to heat this home, especially because it is on a propane system and the cost never stops rising. So, we made a bold move and bought a wood burning pellet stove from a local dealer.

The entire system, with installation and a great warranty, was about $5,500. We were fortunate enough to have it in savings, but a lot of places offer great financing on them. We figured that with how many times we'd have to fill the propane tank to keep warm in winter, this will pay itself off in about 3 years.

Another nice perk is that there is no heat bill- we actually control it by how many pounds of pellet we feed into the stove. We only use our furnace to circulate the warm air created by the stove. A word of advice though- you get what you pay for, and a "cheap" pellet stove could just end up costing you more money and headaches.

This is the best investment I think we will ever make for this house. It has become the favorite spot in the house- the glowing fire is great to snuggle up by and read a book, and our cats and dogs argue over a spot in front of it. I hope this helps someone looking for an alternative.